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Psychic Reading with Barb Powell Review

I am no stranger to psychic readings and actually have dabbled a bit in that area in the past. I love anything pertaining to the paranormal whether its books, readings, movies or the healing arts. I think I have had 4 readings in the past few years from different psychics and mediums each different in their own right. Its amazing what you can learn about yourself from these readings and there is nothing to be scared of at all.

I jumped at the chance to get a reading done by the world-renowned Psychic Medium, Barb Powell, who is also a Canadian! She reads for people all over the world including celebrities. Some of her clients are actors, producers and crew of the hit TV shows, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, The West Wing and Brothers and Sisters.

Barb arranged with me a date and time to do my reading which is done over the phone. She called me promptly at our scheduled time and I was a bit nervous about what she would see. My life has been up and down lately with my divorce and my health so I was wondering what she what she was going to tell me. Barb was very nice and down-to-earth and I felt instantly comfortable with her. She explained how her readings work and that she doesn’t use tools (like tarot cards or pendulums) and prefers to connect with the energy of the person and any guides, angels or loved ones surrounding her client. She didn’t ask for any info from me like my birthdate and also said that she would not tell me anything to scare me. I know some people worry about seeing a psychic because they are worried that they will find out they are going to die or something awful like that. Barb instantly eased any worry in my mind by saying that she would honest with me about what she sees but would not say anything that would freak me out like that. She then asked if I had any questions about how the reading would work before we begin and told me there would be room to ask questions at the end.

Barb then connected with my energy and was bombarded by information that my guides or angels wanted me to know! She first started to describe my energy and it almost seemed like she was looking deep into my soul. She knew what I had been thinking and feeling for months now and I have never told anyone these private thoughts. I knew right then and there that she was the real deal and that her connection with me was quite strong. I liked her honest and caring style and the way she tells it like it is. She gave me some tips on how I can go about making positive changes towards improving my situation which I found very helpful.

She then talked about my relationships and how my divorce has affected me and made me look at the situation in a new light. I can now see the motives behind the players involved and know why they are acting the way they are. It all makes perfect sense to me now. She knew about the child I lost a long time ago and saw a “child orb” around me. Again this is something I haven’t talked publicly about so how could she know this!

The one thing I was really curious to see is if she brought up the health related issues I am having. I am glad my guides brought up health since this is the area in my life I struggle with the most. Barb saw that I was having issues and although she didn’t give the name of the exact condition, she did know the general area. She said that I would get better and have “remissions”, but that it would be an ongoing issue for me. That sounds right to me. I wish that I would wake up cured, but I need to face facts and deal with reality. She went on to say that I would have more good days than bad days. I am optimistic about that and pray everyday for those good days.

Another uncanny thing Barb mentioned and out of the blue she asks me if I am a nurse. I told her no, but I have been told by every other psychic that they see me being a nurse. Barb said she sees me clear as day walking the hospitals as a nurse and that I will likely be starting courses in the next 1 1/2 to 2 years. I called my mom up right after the reading and told her this because even at my mom’s reading with another psychic, they told her the same thing about me!!

Barb wrapped up the reading by asking if I had any questions or wanted clarification on any issues. The reading lasted a little over 30 minutes, but I know she could have gone on longer. I think the next time I would book a full hour with her because she just had so much to say and all good information that was both accurate and true. I just love Barb and would love to have another reading with her because there is so much more I want to ask her about. She is the real deal and is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend her!

Barb offers both Telephone Readings and Email Readings. I love the personal feel of the phone readings so I think that is what I would continue to get. I am intrigued by the Past Life Consultation since I have never had one of those yet. She is a bit more costly than I have paid for in the past, but the quality of the reading reflects the price in my opinion. If you have questions or looking for direction in your life, then Barb Powell is an excellent psychic medium to help you find your pathway. She has helped me immensely!

Thank you to Mom Relations for setting me up with this amazing opportunity!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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