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Psoriarid Review

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects between 1% and 3% of the human population. It is a non-contagious complex of medical symptoms, involving rapid skin cell growth that creates unsightly raised patches on the skin, nail disfigurement, and joint inflammation. It is thought to be related to the immune system and currently is incurable; its cause is not known.

An individual with psoriasis may experience any degree of severity of symptoms, from mild to virtually debilitating, and may in fact experience only one or two symptoms, escaping the harshest legacy of this disease. Symptom severity also may vary with factors like the weather and stress levels. Researchers are seeking to identify what triggers a worsening of the symptoms to find treatments and control these episodes.

I have been annoyed by a usually slight case of psoriasis for over 30 years. My symptoms generally are very mild, involving rough, scaly elbows, problem finger and toe nails, and some joint pain. I experience flare-ups with changes in the weather, and unfortunately develop isolated patches of psoriasis at the site of any skin injury; these patches may or may not clear up over time. At the time I tried Psoriarid to treat my condition I was enjoying a relative remission of symptoms: my main complaints were flaky skin on elbows, a small persistent patch on the back of one calf, raised nails on my big toes, and minor joint pain.

Psoriarid’s developers have asked for a report of my trial of their product after one week of use, so I am submitting my comments today, having started using Psoriarid on March 20, 2010.

As instructed, I used my fingers to apply Psoriarid to the affected areas of my skin once or twice per day. I did not cover the areas with bandages, as was offered as an option. I also decided, on my own, to apply Psoriarid under my toe nails, to the extent I could do so comfortably, to test whether or not there would be any effect in that area.

My results using Psoriarid were no different from results I’ve obtained using other over-the-counter preparations designed to relieve psoriasis symptoms. As always, the flaky areas immediately became softer, and the excess white skin cells washed off as expected. But the skin remaining underneath became even redder than it had been before the application of Psoriarid, with the redness persisting longer than I had experienced with other products. Furthermore, the white flakes returned by the next day, requiring a new application of Psoriarid to minimize the appearance of diseased skin. My toe nails showed no difference at all as a result of their exposure to Psoriarid, and of course there was no change in my joint pain. I must emphasize that Psoriarid had made no claims whatsoever about improvement of nails or joint inflammation.

I used this product for only one week, which I believe is hardly enough time to judge its long-term effectiveness. However, Psoriarid’s developers expect users to experience nearly immediate improvement, and I did not. My preliminary conclusions are that this product is as effective as any other on the OTC market for removing the scaly white plaques of psoriasis. But the user must be prepared for the possibility of increased redness at the sites of use and the need for indefinite routine application of this product, as it will not cure psoriasis, nor will it alleviate the symptoms for longer than do the other products currently available for the purpose. I personally will continue to hope for a systemic, not topical, treatment for this condition, and will try additional OTC aids as they become available. No doubt, other individuals responses to use of this product will differ from mine, as psoriasis is a highly individualized condition.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.