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Precision Mathematics Review

Precision Mathematics’s vision is to simulate a world in which students apply what they learn in school to real life. Many times as a student I asked myself and my teacher…”why will I ever need to know this in life…” Precision Mathematics is dedicated to populating that world with products that are FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Each product is carefully designed to parallel life experiences. And the priority is always the students learning. The characters that help these students have fun while learning are called the Merbs. To learn more about the Merbs have a look at


I was lucky to get to review “The Spoils of Civilization” Game. I was sent two games so I gave one to Vicki (one of our book reviewers) to review as well. Vicki is a PSA at one of our local schools here in Yarmouth Co. so the Teacher Pack will certainly be useful to her and her school. The retail price is $49.99. The objective for students is to complete assignments to earn Merb money and valuable stocks (it reminds me of monopoly). You collect as many valuables as possible to become the next Merb Superpower. The math sets is intended to motivate students to complete classwork & homework, as well as improve class attendance and behaviour. The set includes a middle school math workbook, an algebra workbook and enough materials for a whole class. You can also read the fun story about the Merbs for added classroom excitement about math. The game can be used for 3+players ages 12 and up.
Here is Vickis Review:

I think anytime you can turn learning into a game it’s a great thing. This game is one that is ongoing which means kids will be excited and not want to miss school or they will miss out on what’s happening that day. Each student has money and territory cards {and who doesn’t like to have money! even if it’s fake} which they get to trade with each other on trading day. There are characters for the kids to get to know, manipulative’s to use and there are even math worksheets for teacher’s to use as a resource.

As a person who works in the school system, I can say that it is difficult to motivate kids to want to do well in school. In this game, the teacher rewards students for completing school tasks including, homework, behaviour, attendance, tests/quizzes or whatever the teacher deems.

This game is difficult to describe in a few short paragraphs, but the one great thing is that it comes with a teacher training DVD and very clear instructions. It can be easily adapted for any teacher’s needs.
The only problem I see is not really a problem, it’s just that the game board is a map of the USA and I wish it was either a make-believe place or there was a Canadian option.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.