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hydraSense Review

I remember when Sadie got her first cold. She was about 5 months old. As a new mother I worried from the start of her cold til it was gone. I worried that she couldn’t breathe, that she wasn’t eating enough, that she wouldn’t be able to sleep, that she wouldn’t be able to have her soother. All I had to use or even knew about using was the nasal aspirator that I had got as a shower gift. And Sadie hated it!!! It was a huge struggle even to get her to lay still long enough for me to try and get something out of her nose. Its become a lot easier since she is older now but she has just started to learn how to blow her nose (she will be 3 in May).

I was happy to see my hydraSense package come in the mail. Sadie had a bad cold that turned into bronchitis about a week ago so her nose was filled with the green stuff and has been leaking like a faucet for about 2 weeks now. Like I mentioned earlier, she has been doing good at blowing her nose but she doesn’t have it down pat yet and tends to just get a little out at a time. She was curious about the products I was looking at so I convinced her to try them out. I did it first to myself, then cleaned and washed them and tried it on her. I let her help me with the Easydose Vials and let her put a few drops in her nose. Then we put the filter on the Nasal Aspirator and she put the tip inher nose while I gently sucked on the end like a good mommy. I got a few laughs and she tried it on me (between cleanings) and I was happy to know that she didn’t mind it at all. I actually had to find it later as she was using it on her dolls.

The Ultra-Gentle Mist is made with 100% natural source sea water from the bay of Saint-Malo, France. It has just the right strength and the comfort tip fit nicely in her little nostrils. The Nasal Aspirator Plus was easy to put together and easy to clean. And the one use filters are very simple to use and remove before and after each use. You can see a demonstration of how to use the hydraSense Nasal Aspirator at I have been looking for a very useful gift for my sister for her baby shower and I think I have found it.

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This post was written while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central and received a Mom Central gift pack to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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