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Today I would like to welcome Melissa and Shelley from Stockpiling Moms. I had a chance to learn more about his blog and here’s what he had to say…

Please tell me about yourself. 

Melissa Jennings and Shelley King-Steimer are the authors of Stockpiling Moms. They are best friends who met through the process of International Adoption five years ago as they were waiting on their son’s to come home from Guatemala. Soon after their sons came home they left their careers and became stay at home Moms. After the economy turned they began using coupons to build their stockpile in order to help their family save money and continue staying home. They started their blog to help friends and family save hundreds of dollars a month and that is how Stockpiling Moms blog was born!

Please tell me about your blog. 

We share our guide to frugal living with our readers and we teach them how to strategically use coupons to build their stockpile and live a debt free life. We share deals, freebies, menu planning, frugal recipes, a weekly giveaway, recalls, rebates, Disney deals and more!
How long have you been blogging? 
I began blogging in 2006 with a personal blog that I still have however it is private. I started Stockpiling Moms as private blog for friends and family in August 2009 and in December 2009 made it public.
How did you get started? 
I started Stockpiling Moms as a way to share my guide for frugal living with friends and family.
What kinds of products do you feature on your blog? 
We feature a wide variety of giveaways from children’s toys, jewelry, cooking related, personal care and more!
What was your favourite giveaway? 
My favorite giveaway so far was our first giveaway, we gave away a Zhu Zhu pet and skateboard in December! However, I have loved every giveaway!
Who does your blog appeal to? 
To anyone who wants to save money, enjoys living a frugal lifestyle or wants to learn how.
What direction do you see your blog going in the future? 
Hopefully continuing to grow.
What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?
Having enough time in the day luckily there are two of us!
What do you love about blogging? 
I love sharing the deals and helping others save hundreds of dollars a month like we do. It has made a huge difference in our families lives and also meeting new bloggers who read our blog.
Do you have a blogging pet peeve? 
I am not a huge fan of anonymous comments.
Do you have any advice for the readers entering your giveaway? newbie review bloggers? 
Be sure to enter an individual comment for every way that you can enter. We have many who will enter all the ways they qualify into one post and then that only counts for one entry.
Tell me some of your favourite blogs that you read. 
I love,, I have so many thought it is hard not to list them all!
How can people find you? 
There are lots of way to stalk me.
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