Book Review | How to Find a Woman…Or Not by Gary Morgenstein

How to Find a Woman…Or Not (Volume 1)
by Gary Morgenstein

About the Book:

Tired of ordering in Thai food and watching a Netflix on Saturday nights? Don’t despair. Finding true love isn’t impossible as long as you view the entire world as one big singles bar. Walking your dog, practicing yoga, riding mass transit, buying a book, even visiting a friend in the hospital can lead to the woman of your dreams.

Critically-acclaimed novelist/playwright Gary Morgenstein provides the romantic roadmap!

Using his own battle-scarred experiences as a divorced man along with many years spinning as a public relations specialist, Morgenstein takes men (and women eager to go inside the mind of a guy) on a step-by-step comic and erotic guide to love and sex.

From making eye contact, dazzling opening lines, online etiquette, younger and older women and how to conduct yourself on a date to what goes into a successful relationship (in and out of the bedroom), How to Find a Woman Or Not is a riotous, poignant and indispensable blueprint for passion and commitment.

My Review: 

Regardless of whether you’re interested in How to Find a Woman Or Not, everyone should read Gary Morgenstein’s book. No, everyone needs to read it. Morgenstein, or Morgy, as he refers to himself, is a riot. This is one of those books that you will hesitate to read in waiting rooms, as your guffawing (or, God forbid, snorting) will draw unpleasant stares from those around you. I also hesitated to read it publicly, given the title, as I knew I’d be getting some odd looks, which I didn’t want to deal with either. Truth be told, this book is for everyone. Aside from being funny, Morgy has compiled an exhaustive guide to being single and how to overcome it  in today’s world. And he does a darn good job.

Morgy covers it all; how to meet women, online dating sites, e-mail etiquette, dating people from work, how to handle first dates, how to handle relationships, you name it. There are lots of rules and Morgy brilliantly explains the why’s and the how’s with a great deal of humor. For instance, Never assume she is repulsed by you until you have concrete evidence. Always assume there is a possibility.

His tips for meeting women at the gym include wearing something with a charity name, such as wristband for saving the Lithuanian firefly.In the emergency room, Morgy advises that you avoid a woman with any signs of pus. On the first encounter, Morgy recommends waiting outside the restaurant, in case your date doesn’t quite look like her profile picture. If she looks like Dick Cheney, you instantly gouge a deep cut in your cheek and explain how you were attacked on the way over and didn’t want her to wonder what happened, but you have to go to the emergency room. Morgy throws in a good bit of Jewish humor, which I love, so it was right up my alley. For example, if a woman’s first words upon seeing your profile picture are feh and feh, don’t expect an e-mail.

I only have one  and I hate to even mention it, honestly complaint. It’s not really a complaint, but an observation. I came across a number of grammatical errors in the book, which stuck out because I’m something of a word nerd. However, they should not, in any way, shape, or form, stop you from reading this book. If you need to laugh, you need to read this. On more than one occasion, I was laughing until I had tears in my eyes.

How to Find a Woman Or Not is, unfortunately, just under 200 pages. I don’t know that Morgy could squeeze any more advice and pointers into this guide, but I know that I could use more Morgy humor. A lot more. I will definitely be on the lookout for his other books.

About the Author:
In addition to How to Find a Woman Or Not, a comic step-by-step guide to finding true love anywhere on Planet Earth, critically-acclaimed novelist-playwright Gary Morgenstein’s books include Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman, about a divorced man who falls in love with a beautiful woman rabbi; Jesse’s Girl, a powerful story about a father’s search for his adopted teenage son, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame, a political baseball thriller, all available on Amazon, as well as the baseball Rocky The Man Who Wanted to Play Center Field for the New York Yankees. His prophetic play Ponzi Man played to sell-out crowds at the New York Fringe Festival. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by lots of books and rock and roll CDs.
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