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Mr. Furry Fur Fur Review

Mr. Furry Fur Fur and his friendly earth friends has a mission for your 3-6 year olds. It is to teach an appreciation of the Earth and what surrounds children everyday, the nature that is right in their own backyards. Loving the Earth is the most important things to Mr. Furry Fur Fur. They encourage children to explore, learn and grow from their natural environment, chart boundaries of safe, creative space in which children are free to experience and re imagine their world and empower children and their guardians to be voices within and supporters of their communities.

As out little ones get older its time to teach them about saving and respecting the earth. Teach them how to have fun using only nature and the world around them and to do their part in keeping it clean. Sadie is getting to that point and we need to start teaching her about nature and how she can have fun outside and look for things to do and also to clean up and use the right garbage and recycle program. Sometimes moms and dads can sounds like a broken record so it was nice to be able to listen to a DVD that will get kids excited about their environment and teach them about the Earth. Sadie loved watching Mr. Furry Fur Fur and his friends, Tree, Blink the butterfly-her favourite, Scribbles the Squirrel and Pate the Possum.
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