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Kuru Footwear Review

I only recently learned that I have foot issues thanks to my chiropractor. I have very high arches when you look at my feet, but as soon as I stand up, these arches collapse. I was fitted with expensive orthotics last year in my old ugly running shoes. I did not like wearing them especially in the summer when I wear lots of dresses and skirts. Running shoes and a dress does not go together on me!!

I recently learned about Kuru Footwearand their off-the-shelf orthotic footwear. This Finnish Footwear company makes the World’s Most Anatomical Midsole for Active Footwear. They eliminate the need to spend $300 to $500 for orthotics. Yes, they do cost that much- it’s just crazy!!

What makes Kuru Footwear so special? You can find detailed info on their site including informative videos to explaining the technology for those of you who like to understand how it all works. It is very impressive actually. Their argument is that your foot isn’t flat so why should your shoe be? Makes sense and I never really thought about it before that way. Poor supporting shoes can lead to knee, back and hip pain (also pelvic pain in my case).

I received a pair of women’s shoes called Draft in Black. I chose them because I loved the stylish look with the cute pink bow- they are very snazzy! Do they pass the comfort test? YES, these are very comfortable shoes!! These shoes slip on so easily and have moulded to fit my feet perfectly. I have been wearing them in my house since it’s still winter here, but I can’t wait to get outdoors in the Spring as they are the perfect walking shoes. They will look SO much better than my ratty old runners. I just love these shoes!

They cost $89.97/pair which is much more affordable than orthotics. Make sure you order 1/2 size bigger than you normally wear as they are sized small. I can’t wait till the nice weather comes so I can go outside and show them off!!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Stacie Vaughan

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