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GO SMiLE Review

My smile is nothing short of dazzling, if I do say so myself. I had a little help, though. Following in my love of all things related to dental care, I contacted GO SMiLE to see if they’d let me try their newly reformulated tooth whitening system. They were kind enough to send me a whole line of their products: their 7-day whitening system, a travel pack of their luxury toothpaste, and the GO SMiLE Touch-up Smile Perfecting Ampules.

The GO SMiLE Smile Whitening system is easy to use and works fast! The box contains 20 ampules, which is good for the recommended 7 days of treatment, plus a few extra for stubborn stains or whitening boosts later on. What’s an ampule? It’s a little tube with a soft applicator tip that you remove from its paper sleeve, and squeeze to release and activate the whitening serum. Then, just polish your teeth until the serum is gone! That’s it. So simply, convenient, neat, and fast. I admit to doing this at a red light. Unlike other popular whitening systems, this product does not cause tooth sensitivity, which was a huge plus for me. While the suggested whitening time is 7 days, my teeth were bright white in just 3.

I’ve been using the Luxury Toothpaste Sampler for round-the-clock hygiene and protection. GO SMiLE offers full-sized toothpastes, but the sampler is perfectly sized for travel and variety. The toothpastes have fluoride, white cranberry extract, and naturally hydrated silica to leave teeth smooth and white, as well as having aromatherapy benefits and yummy flavors. The AM “Energy” Toothpaste is a blend of citrus and mint, PM “Tranquility” Toothpaste is relaxing with lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and valerian root, and the Lemonade Toothpaste is lemony but not sour. All of them were fun departures from conventional toothpastes. My favorite was the PM formula. It was especially soothing and reminded me of an amazing night-time tea.

After completing the whitening regimen, GO SMiLE’s Touch Ups work to maintain and protect whitening and freshen breath. They come in little ampules just like the whitening system (just flip, pop, whiten!) and are tiny enough to tuck into a coin pocket. I bring some with me whenever I go out (for brushing emergencies, no need for water!) and especially when I know I am going to have wine with dinner. The Touch-Ups come in Fresh Mint (my favorite), Watermelon Mint, and Green Apple. They have a nice flavor and are great little multi-taskers.

I had noticed that my teeth could use a whitening boost, since I have multiple cups of tea daily and enjoy red wine. These are majorly staining foods! So are red and black berries, or drink coffee or soda. Smokers know the perils of stained teeth, and white wine drinkers, you’re not safe, either! White wine has acids that wear down tooth enamel, making them even more susceptible to stains than red wine. If you want an easy way to take care of your smile, I definitely recommend GO SMiLE products.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.