Book Review | Family Folktales by Karen Pierce Gonzalez

Title: Family Folktales: Write Your Own Family Stories
Author: Karen Pierce Gonzalez

About the Book:

Family heroes, prized heirlooms, and memorable gatherings are among the many folktale motifs presented in theFamily Folktales: Write Your Own Family Stories second edition workbook released December 2009 by Folkheart Press.

The workbook is laid out in a very simple, easy to follow and easy to understand manner, and gives the reader the confidence needed to write, said Nancy Reid, Big Blend Magazine editor. I can see this bringing families together and helping anyone interesting in writing, getting a good start.

Author Karen Pierce Gonzalez, a member of the Western States Folklore Society, has also added original, contemporary folktales written by Douglas Barksey, Harminder Bhandal, Chris Cone, Mary Connell Tricia Croft, Dalton Teczon, and Teresa Morrow.

The workbook also includes information about folktale podcasts and scrapbooking techniques as well as other resources for other creative approaches.

My Review:

Every family has stories that get repeated at all the holiday gatherings, weddings, funerals, and special events. Whether it’s the time grandma switched the sugar for salt in a birthday cake and everyone pretended they didn’t notice, or the story of an heirloom that’s been passed down for generations, these stories are worth keeping close to the heart and continuing the oral story-telling tradition.

Family Folktales is a great writing-workshop style guide to recording special family moments. The author takes you through the history of folklore, the nature of oral traditions, and the various uses of having family folktales before guiding the reader to creating and saving his or her own favorite memories.

This book is a great guide for beginning writers or those who aren’t sure where to start in preserving family memories and traditions. It has handy worksheets as well as outlines for character sketches, scrapbooking, podcasting, and writing techniques. It’s easy to follow and has examples written by the author and some of her friends and former students. It even gives sentence-starters for those with a case of writers block. There are lots of family folktale gift ideas as well.

I would recommend Family Folktales to anyone who has cherished memories they want to continue passing on.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.