Book Review | Free from Perfect by Eileen Palazzolo

Title:Free from Perfect

Author: Eileen Palazzolo
Free from Perfect is able to address what I have said it so many times before. It does not matter if you have a problem with food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or whatever…if you have an addiction there is an underlying problem somewhere else. You need to find the courage to figure it all out, as the addiction is a symptom of the problem.

I have been anorexic and weighing almost 200 pounds at my heaviest. If I would have understood that I replaced food for drugs, then I might not have gone through the problems I did! This is not a “quick fix” for your life, but it will give you the tools you need to help you get started! To start with, make sure you pick up a notebook; you will need it for what is next!

This book will help you to look inside yourself to find out why you are the way you are. It will help you by giving you journaling points to write about, throughout the book. The book is not going to give you a quick fix to your weight problem, but it will give you more than enough tools to change your life. The little things that help, such as keeping a sense of humor and rewarding yourself will help anyone who wants to change their weight. The book has one chapter that will help you with the calories you take in, a few sample menus, and a bit about nutrition and another about exercise.

This book was received by Publishing Works, and is my own honest opinion.



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