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Today I would like to welcome Jamie from Champagne Wisdom. I had a chance to learn more about her blog and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself.

I’m a full-time wife, mother, Media Specialist, lover of giveaways and all things frugal and finally…a blogger!

Please tell me about your blog.

My new blog is called Champagne Wisdom and can be found at A few years ago, I began a blog called Saving in Style. After a Google Blogger disaster, to my disappointment, my blog disappeared. After a few months and many past readers asking/begging me to start things back up, I have! However, my new blog doesn’t focus on saving money – it will definitely highlight some great freebies, bargains and money saving ideas…but it will also include hilarious stories about my four year old son, who I call…”The Short One”, reading tidbits and knowledge for parents and children (as is my profession) and giveaways. There are so many other money saving and couponing blogs out there that do it bigger and better than I EVER could, so I decided to be specific to my life loves – and give them all their due credit. Champagne is my last name, so, Champagne Wisdom just seemed to fit…it’s all about the things I learn along life’s journey. Just a great family oriented variety for all the “mommas” out there. There are already some GREAT giveaways planned and fun posts in the future – from great read aloud ideas for your children to crafting to how to score great, name brand freebies…Champagne Wisdom will have a bit of it all!

How long have you been blogging?

For 2 years. I have another blog, mainly for work/students/all lovers of reading, titled Reading Rocks. You can find Reading Rocks at

How did you get started?

I started finding so many blogs I loved – and I thought, I could do this! But, I wanted to make my blog my own, so I’ve done that by adding my own personal life experiences…mostly of which, so far, are comical. We could all use a good laugh from time to time!!

What kinds of products do you feature on your blog?

Well, Champagne Wisdom is just getting started, but we’ve already had (through January 24th) a giveaway for Panasonic Memory Cards. I’ll be featuring anything and everything moms, children and families in general can use. I giveaway a TON of books on Reading Rocks, but Champagne Wisdom will offer a wider variety – something for everyone. I am a HUGE supporter and lover of all things handmade, so you’ll see a good bit of Etsy products featured on the blog in the future – some great things are in the works!

What was your favourite giveaway?

As I mentioned above, I’ve only had one giveaway so far on Champagne Wisdom, but I had a BLAST with the Christmas Book Bonanza on Reading Rocks – we recently gave away 30 books for kids!

Who does your blog appeal to?

I hope my blog will appeal to everyone. It’s mostly aimed at moms with young children at home.

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

I have no idea! I hope it continues to grow while offering fun, relaxing, knowledgeable reading for all who stumble across it. It’s always great to know there are other moms out there experiencing some of the same things going on in your own life. I hope to help moms save money as well inspire them to spend time reading and creating fun memories with their children!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

It has been a huge challenge to start all over from scratch. I wasn’t sure I was going to do it after Saving in Style vanished, but I really didn’t realize how many readers were helped by the savings tips, giveaways, coupons and other features of the blog. I hope to offer some of those same things on Champagne Wisdom, but with a lot more character and personality! I had a good many readers and followers, so it’s a little disheartening to start over from the beginning…but I know in time, it will all be worthwhile!

What do you love about blogging?

I love knowing that I have posts that will actually help my readers – whether it be with ideas, to make them smile that day or helping to save money. On a selfish level, it’s therapy for ME! It’s my own little personal corner of the world to share what I love, tell stories about my son, hear and discuss mom topics with other moms and de-stress!

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?

Not really…if I HAD to pick one, it would be…leave comment love! I never know if a post is making someone laugh or if someone else out there relates to what I’m writing…or even found it worthy of sharing, would like to see more on a particular topic, etc…unless there are comments! It’s always nice to get to know your readers.

Do you have any advice for the readers entering your giveaway? newbie review bloggers?

Be yourself! There are so many blogs out there that the only way to make yours truly unique is to add a bit of “you” into each post. And…if you don’t know or get confused…ask questions of other bloggers! Sometimes us bloggers get carried away in blog/giveaway lingo and forget that some readers out there have no clue what we’re talking about – so, ask! It’s very likely someone else has the same question!!

Tell me some of your favourite blogs that you read.

Simply Stacie – of course!! Truly, truly…BECAUSE, while there are many giveaway and review blogs that I love, Simply Stacie is one that offers most giveaways to both Canada and the United States – it’s good to include everyone!

I also love,,, – and I’m a big fan of local blogs – such as news, weather, etc. I like to find other working mom blogs, like myself…

I often go to blogger and just click “next blog” to see what all’s out there! 🙂

How can people find you?

Champagne Wisdom –
Reading Rocks –
Twitter –


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