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BabyBjorn Review

Bibs are the greatest aren’t they? The catch drool,spit up, food and everyday baby stuff. If you were like me, I went through a lot of bibs in a run of a day…and all the ones I had had to be machine washed.

BabyBjorn makes a soft bib with an ergonomic design, a soft, smooth neck line, adjustable closure, deep catch all pocket, flexible material and easy to rinse clean. So when you are starting baby’s first foods which we all know can be MESSY all you do is rinse the bib clean and its ready to go for the next meal. I love the way it feels. Its super soft and flexible so it moves with your child. And I loved how it caught the food in the pocket before it fell to the the floor.
They also make a Plate and Spoon Set. The shape reminds me of a three leaf clover which makes it easy for your child to get food on his or her utensil. Its so fun to watch your kids try to self feed but so frustrating to the child when they just can’t seem to get anything on their spoon. The spoons are just the right size for little hands and can be used for both right and left hand. And my favourite feature is the rubber bottom so the plate stays in place and doesn’t slide all over the high chair tray or table. The plate is a perfect size for little people meals and because if the shape and angle of the plate it is hard for little ones to pick it up and throw it on the floor. Overall this makes for an easier meal time for both you and baby and a much cleaner one as well with the Bib, Plate and Spoon. Visit BabyBjorn at
Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.