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Tot Yoga Review

Have you ever wondered how you can exercise while keeping an eye of your child or engaging him/her in what you are doing? Or just to find the time to fit it in to your day can be a challenge. In the winter time out door activities can be limited so indoor exercising might be your only option some days.

I was excited to sit down with Sadie and try out the Tot Yoga DVD and see her reaction. She loved it. She loved doing some of the moves and she also loved watching the other children playing which kept her beside me the whole time or playing around me so she could see what was going on. Tot Yoga encourages safe, nurturing physical activity and features two sections that teach parents how to use playtime as a wind down time for their children which encourages restful napping. (YIPPE!!!) You can do it at home or take it with you to a mommy group.
Tot Yoga is the innovation of Khadi Madama, a registered Yoga Teacher and an IAYT registered Yoga Therapist who is a pioneer in the field of applied therapeutic yoga, and hosted the television show, Yours Truly Yoga. Khadi’s goal was to create a fun, interative program that provides a wind down period for a child while simultaneously warming up a parent and reducing the stress of both. Once your child is in bed napping you can continue the video and complete the workout and relaxation session.
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