Book Review | Ukrainian Vignettes by Maria K.

Ukrainian Vignettes by Maria K.

I have recently begun reading a lot of memoirs, so I jumped at the opportunity to read and review Ukrainian Vignettes by Maria Kuroshchepova. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as what little I knew of the USSR came from a Russian college roommate of mine, but it has always been my philosophy that in order to truly understand yourself, you must learn about others and the world around you.

The book follows Maria from her birth in 1975 to her arrival in America for college in 1994. She tells of her family, including two adorable sets of grandparents, her sometimes complicated schooling, and her every day life growing up in the Ukraine and the surrounding areas.

I was immediately enchanted by Maria, who writes in a conversational yet eloquent tone. She describes her early life in the Ukraine with a fondness that made it easy for me to forget about the difficult circumstances she sometimes faced. She intersperses family anecdotes with little blurbs of Russian history, so by the end of the book I felt that she and her family were old friends, and I had a better understanding of the context of her stories. Her way of writing is almost musical, which makes sense, as she went to a special music school as a child, and I felt that each essay left an almost snapshot-like picture in my mind.

I only hope that Maria will write another book to tell about her life after coming to America, as I would love to view more of her life through her eyes.

The author, Maria K., sent me a copy of her book. The opinions of this review are my own, and I received no other compensation other than a great time reading it!

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