Book Review | Single Husbands by HoneyB

Title: Single Husbands
Author: HoneyB
Category: FICTION
Publish Date: 2/1/2010
Price: $13.99/$16.99
ISBN: 9780446582315
Pages: 320
Size: 5-1/4″ x 8″

My Review:

Just exactly what did your husband mean when he said, “I do?” The three main characters in HoneyB’s new novel, Single Husbands, dance their way around that question like boxers in a championship match. Herschel Henderson is married to a successful TV hostess/chef, and is glad to be living off of his wife’s money to live a lavish lifestyle filled with ladies that aren’t his wife. Lexington Lewis has no qualms leaving his wife and kids at home to cruise sex clubs. Brian Flaw is madly in love with his wife and adores his children, but still dabbles in frequent extra-marital activities anywhere he can. These three friends schmooze their way through life living as “single husbands,” to whom money is no object and women are just part of the game.

I have to admit that I did not enjoy this book. It’s hard for me to say that because I am not an author, and I can’t imagine all of the hard work that must go into writing a book.

The first thing that turned me off was the 8-page introduction (I always read introductions!), throughout which the author slams marriage. I admit as a newlywed, I might be a little sensitive to that! I tried to keep an open mind for the actual content of the book, but it did not grab me. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, and the plot line was weak, with the story not actually developing until far into the book. I disliked the violence shown toward women and the objectification of many of the women in the book (although the author does celebrate womens’ sexuality in her editorial comments.) Also vexing were the many simple mistakes throughout the material- I was surprised the editors didn’t catch them! For example, “rod-iron” chairs were described. It’s wrought iron! The very last straw for me was one of the “Honey Bits” at the end of the book, tips HoneyB gives to women on how to improve themselves. Her number one tip was for women to get permanent makeup to look better and to feel better about themselves. This made me so upset! For the record, my number one tip for women to feel better about themselves is to love yourself.

I know HoneyB (which is author Mary B. Morrison’s pseudonym) has a strong following. This book was not my favorite, but I know a lot of people will love it. Everyone has different tastes, so give it a shot!

Reading Group Guide:

1. Do you love yourself? I ask this question first because most people either don’t know how to love themselves or they think they love themselves, yet they allow others to abuse them.

2. Married, divorced, or single, have you had sex with (or dated) a married person? Before you answer, think, have you dated or sexed a person without inquiring about his or her marital status (i.e., a one-night stand, a short-term relationship, etc.)? Was the relationship fulfilling? Why?

3. After reading Single Husbands, do you feel the characters in this novel violated their marriage license? Why or why not?

4. Has reading Single Husbands changed your outlook on marriage? Why or why not?

5. Would you have or have you had sexual intercourse with your friend’s spouse or mate? If so, would you ever tell your friend?

6. Do you know any women or men who are married but live like they are single? Do you envy their relationships or lifestyle?

7. If you knew for a fact that your friend’s spouse or mate was cheating, would you tell your friend? Why or why not? Have you ever lusted after your friend’s mate?

8. Could you have an open marriage, knowing that both you and your spouse were permitted to have sex outside the marriage? If so, would you want to know your spouse’s sexual partner(s)? Why or why not?

9. Is it possible for one person to satisfy all of your sexual needs and fantasies? Before you answer, what are your sexual needs and fantasies?

10. Should the person who earns more money in the relationship or marriage be permitted to control the relationship? What emotional impact, if any, do finances bear on a relationship?

11. After reading Single Husbands, how would you write or rewrite your marriage vows? Do you believe marriage vows are important? If the vows are broken, what can a person do to make them enforceable? What are the laws of marriage?

12. Would you divorce your spouse for sexual and/or emotional infidelity if everything else in your marriage was perfect? Why or why not?

13. Would you go to a sex club with your spouse or mate? Would you participate in sexual activities with other club members? Could you be comfortable watching someone else have sex with your spouse or mate?

14. What’s the freakiest thing you’ve done sexually? Would you do it again? Are you try-sexual?

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*