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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Julie, an Australian blogger. Her blog is Beautiful You and it’s all about having a positive body image, strong self-esteem and embracing your inner beauty. It’s refreshing to read through her posts and learn more the importance of taking care of yourself with love and acceptance. There’s all too much negativity in the world so it’s nice to read articles that will uplift your spirit. I recently became a follower of her blog and Julie welcomes you all to do the same!

I had a chance to catch up with Julie and ask her a few questions about her lovely blog and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself. 

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Glenn, stepdaughter Sinead and creamy cat Cookie. I have a passion for issues relating to body image and self esteem and I work for a charitable organisation that supports people with eating disorders. I love ice cream, jazz and tending to my rose garden.

Please tell me about your blog.

‘Beautiful You’ is a blog that aims to inspire people to believe in their inner beauty and develop positive body image and self esteem. It contains lots of everyday inspirations for living a great life and focuses on helping people value and appreciate themselves and honour their unique beauty and self.

Who does your blog appeal to? 

My blog has a worldwide readership, mostly of women. Men do drop by though which I think is wonderful. Many women are drawn to ‘Beautiful You’ because they share a passion for body image and self esteem issues, or simply want to be part of a inspirational online space. I think learning how to love and appreciate ourselves more is something that really appeals to everyone.

Why did you start your blog? 

I started ‘Beautiful You’ because many people had told me I had an ability to inspire and help others. I also love to write and so thought it was a great thing to do. When I started I thought I would post once a week but now it is more like three to four times! It has become a labour of love and I am inspired to do more when readers contact me or leave comments saying how much ‘Beautiful You’ has helped them.

What direction do you seen your blog heading in the future? 

As I only started ‘Beautiful You’ in 2009 I think it is only now just starting to find it’s real ‘groove.’ I am certain it will remain a space where people can come for some body love and self inspiration.

What do you love about blogging? 

I love how I can quickly respond to an issue that may be circulating in the media and put my own opinion to that in such a short timeframe. There is so much negativity around and I have always wanted ‘Beautiful You’ to be a space that while challenging, was as positive as it could be. I also love hearing from people who said ‘Beautiful You’ has really helped them. It’s very humbling and inspiring all at the same time.

What are some your pet peeves about blogging?

I wish my blogging platform had a spell check! I have caught a couple of spelling errors before which is probably due to the fact that on many occasions I blog late at night.

Do you feature products on your blog? If so, what kinds of products? 

It’s not usual for me to feature products, but I do interview people I find inspirational. Sometimes these people run businesses or make products of their own which they usually are kind enough to give me some of to try and giveaway. This seems to be happening quite regularly now so I often have giveaways which I am so happy to do for me readers.

What other blogs do you read? 

Since starting ‘Beautiful You’ I have become a prolific reader of other blogs. My favourites are all listed in my blog roll.

What types of posts will readers find on your blog? 

Readers will find posts on my blog that are about body image, self esteem, self love, inspirational people and living your best life. I also talk quite regularly about the dangers of dieting and how I would love to see society be more accepting of people who are different shapes and sizes.

Do you have any regular features? 

I regularly post inspirations such as ‘Monday Magic’ or ‘Saturday Sunshine’ that contain beautiful images and thoughts and also my series of ‘Beautiful You Interviews.’

What are the links to your favourite posts on your blog? 

It’s so hard to choose favourite posts but I think three of my best are Bridal Body Pressures -
Ending Fat Talk - and Swimsuit Sagas –

How can readers find you? 

Readers can find me at


Julie of a Beautiful You has an awesome prize pack to giveaway to anyone who becomes a follower of her blog. The Prize Pack includes the book-“Meditation: Exercises and Inspirations for Well-Being”, “Relax and Enjoy” Hand Cream by Innoxa and French Lime Blossom and Mandarin Natural Soap all in a cream cotton shopping tote.


Giveaway closed.

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