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I didn’t use cloth diapers for Sadie. I chose to do the disposable diaper route for three reasons. The first being the fact that I lived away from my family and when Kendall was working it was just her and I so whatever made my day easier I chose to do . Second, with family living three hours away it was convenient to use the disposable diapers on out many trips home the first two years of Sadie’s diapering life and third…I didn’t look into the benefits of using cloth diapers versus disposables and by the time I did, Sadie was pretty much out of diapers so I just switched to the green friendly ones.

As I mentioned before my youngest sister Crissy is expecting her first baby and is doing cloth diapers so we have been looking into them to get ideas as to which ones she should try and/or buy. We both have quite a few friends that use cloth diapers now and swear by them. So when I received the pre packaged mini test from AppleCheeks, I was anxious to pass it on to one of my cloth diapering friends. It includes one Apple Cheeks Envelope Covers in size 1 or 2 and you pick the colour. Three One-Size inserts, in either hemp OR bamboo (this one was hemp) and printed care instructions. A full colour instructional insert which explains the basics of the system and how to use it and a certified lead-free reusable and recycled PVC bag.


My girlfriend who tried them on her five month old had nothing bad to say about them. She loved how uncomplicated they were, the style was simple and easy to do, and the liners were wonderful. She is actually looking into getting some as her baby is outgrowing the ones she has now.

If you are looking to start or switch to cloth diapers, check out AppleCheeks. They have lots of options for you!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.