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ALL-ETT Billfolds Review

John is forever complaining about how much his wallet makes his butt hurt when he is driving. It’s no wonder considering how big and bulky his wallet is! And no, it is not bulky with cash- I wish! He has a million cards in there that he feels the need to bring with him when he is out and about. His back has always bothered him so him sitting on this giant wallet is not helping matters and is actually making him feel worse. I also have a wallet that I carry in my purse and it is not nearly the size of his! So when I gave him his new wallet from ALL-ETT Billfolds and told him to try it out and see how he liked it, he gladly switched.

Who are ALL-ETT Billfolds? Well, they are a family owned company that are the proud makers of the World’s Thinnest Wallet! They formed in 1995 and created their signature product to prevent sciatic nerve damage and the back pain it causes. I never realized that a wallet could cause a person such pain until John and I got together. It has always been a necessary evil for him since he needs to bring his wallet with him when he goes out and he will NOT carry a purse (I did suggest that to him, believe it or not!).

ALL-ETT Billfolds sent me four of their wallets to review. The Original World’s Thinnest Wallet will hold up to 30 cards. I knew John would get a great benefit with this one! The card pockets are laid out in a patented side by side design so it will always be thin even when its completely full. Plus, it has two cash pockets- one for bills and the other for receipts, pictures, papers, etc. It is made out of Spinnaker Cloth (Rip-Stop Nylon). It is as thin as paper, but very strong. It’s also breathable so you will not get the dreaded butt sweat when you carry it.

John was a big fan of this wallet. He transferred all of his cards and papers to it and has been using it since I gave it to him last month. He loves that he can now sit comfortably with his wallet in his back pocket and not have to deal with back pain. I think it looks better too because I always thought it looked funny when one butt cheek looked bigger than the other! His pants finally hang straight! This wallet costs $19.95 or $34.95 if you want it in leather.

I also received the World’s Thinnest Inside ID Wallet in Leather. This wallet features an ID window on the inside of the wallet and 2 card pockets that hold up to 12 cards each. Plus, it has two cash pockets making this medium sized wallet extra roomy. The material is a high-quality, thin leather exterior with the interior made from ALL-ETT Billfold’s signature material- Spinnaker Cloth.

This one was a perfect fit for me. I love how compact and lightweight it is to carry around and it does hold just about everything I need. The only thing I wished it would have would be a spot where I could put my change. It’s not a big deal since I do carry a change purse around with me anyways. The leather wallet is $34.95 and is available only in black. The Spinnaker Cloth option is again $19.95.

Last but not least, ALL-ETT Billfold sent me two of their newest products from their Eco-Thin line- the Eco-Thin Inside ID Wallet and the Eco-Thin Original Wallet.  They are made from recycled water bottles and other post consumer waste that is very durable and both water and sweat resistant. The Eco-Thin Inside ID Wallet holds up to 14 cards and has 2 cash pockets while the Eco-Thin Original Wallet holds up to 30 cards and has 2 cash pockets as well. I like the look of both of these wallets and think its neat that they are made from water bottles. I love when companies are thinking of clever ways to help our environment.

So next time you are stuck on what to buy your significant other, consider getting him or her a wallet from ATT-ETT Billfolds!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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