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When you think about it, socks have been pretty much ignored by the fashion industry. That is, up until 2000, when Laurie Mallet founded Ozone Design, a company whose goal is to put fashion and fun into socks and tights. I admit that my socks are pretty blah and I have many pairs of just basic black. But why can’t I express my fashion taste with my socks? Well now I can!

Ozone has an impressive selection of men’s, women’s, children’s and babies’ socks in a variety of hip designs. You can find hemp socks, tattoo socks, and motorcycle socks, etc. They are all very cool and unique.

I received two pairs of socks for my review. I got the Women’s socks- Argyles in Black and John got the Men’s socks- Skull & Piston.  For me, it was an extremely hard choice to decide on which pair I wanted to get. There were so many of the socks I liked and could see myself wearing. I ended up going with the Argyle in black because it is pretty basic to match many outfits and I just love argyle. Check my blog background and I’ll say no more!

The socks are 65% cotton, 34% polymide and 1% spandex. I liked that they are a thinner sock so they don’t feel bulky in my shoes. They also have a bit of a stretch so they fit nice and snugly on your feet and don’t bunch. I have washed and dried them many times and they are holding up just fine. No problems here! They are available for purchase at a cost of $12. This is more than you would pay at Walmart, but you won’t find as innovative of designs as Ozone.

John received the Skull & Piston socks and he says he found them very comfortable. He also wore them to a few holiday parties over the last couple of weeks and said they were quite the conversation piece. They are very different from the plain old boring white sweat socks that he normally wears. The only thing he mentioned that he wished they had more of a selection for men as they do for women. His socks cost $10 a pair.

Ozone even has a Sock of the Month Club where you receive a new pair of socks each month. Its a great savings and opportunity to try out a different pair of socks each month.

To purchase, please visit Ozone.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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