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Christmas Gadgetry

G-Force is being released in Blu-Ray and DVD on December 15 so I wanted to share this article with you in anticipation of its release. It looks like it will be a cute movie!

Are you hoping to get some radical, high tech , totally mind- blowing, possibly body transporting, electronic gadgets this Christmas? Well, so are the G-Force agents! So listen up! They know how to keep their gadgets in A-1 condition so their missions don’t tank just because of a loose wire. Know what I’m saying? Not only is that life-threatening but it’s downright embarrassing. So don’t mess up. Follow these rules:

Don’t Drop It!

It’s that simple. Strap it to your back if you have to. And stay calm. One jolt of surprise can send your hands into the air and your precious gear crashing to the ground.
Protect It

People use screen protectors and rubber bumpers for a reason, not just because they like to decorate everything they own with fluffy kittens.

Safe Storage

Return your equipment back to the specially designed case it came in. Not a sock, a towel, or the bubble wrap you snapped half the bubbles on anyway. Those cases keep your gadgets safe from dust, sunlight, and, in many cases, x-ray vision.
Out of Sight

Find a safe, regular spot for all your valuable gadgets. That way curious younger brothers and sisters won’t find them and throw them in the tub to see if they can float.

Look Sharp!

Not to sound like your mother here, or anything, but keep your gear clean. Dirt can damage or destroy it and that can destroy your mission!

Stay In Charge Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. Your biggest mission is to save the planet. If you have to use disposables, recycle. That’s called being responsible.

Avoid Sun and Heat

Keep your gadgets out of the sun and heat unless you want them to turn into syrupy goo. You may love the heat but if your gadget could talk it would be whining, please put me somewhere dark and cool before I pass out.
Rain or Snow

And if your gear could talk in the rain or snow, it would be screaming, What are you crazy? It’s freezing out here. Let’s run inside for a nice cup of hot chocolate. If the mission requires the gadget be used when it’s wet outside, protect it!

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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