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Guest Post by Robert Tuchman | How to Be a Good Guest Blogger

Being a good guest blogger is detrimental to your reputation on any particular blog. It is important to remember that you are commenting on someone else’s work, your voice is important, but remember to respect the culture of that particular blog. There are several other things that you need to be aware of while posting your voice on someone else’s blog and here are some of the things I think you should look out for.
The first thing is making sure you do your research. You will be helping out the blogger as well as giving your work more credibility for the site. Read the blog often and see what other people are talking about, which blogs receive the most posts and so forth. See what people and the blogger are most interested about the topic and give your take on it. Research is key to any form of writing that you expect a reaction or to gain any credibility this is something to always keep in mind.
Another important aspect of blogging, similar to writing a news story, or any story for that matter is to not leave out the details. Avoid holes and gaps in your writing. Taking your time is crucial and don’t leave the blogger or other readers confused. Also look out for what the blogger or someone else who posted a comment left out of there writing. Bring a new idea to the table and fill the void. Twist the plot; even make your writing stand out by adding something unique and innovative.
Finally, as a guest blogger you should be reliable and try to sell yourself. Being reliable is key to succeeding anywhere in life, your first job and even showing up for seminar classes each week. If you post something outstanding that receives a rise and reaction out of them don’t leave with that post as a cliffhanger keep going back. Your credibility as a guest blogger will continue to blossom. With that in mind selling yourself as a blogger is just as important as your attendance.
Not only are you agreeing to help out the main blogger by giving feedback but squeeze your way into selling your ideas in there too. Place a link to your personal blog leave with an impression. As you would like to leave an impression on anyone to any function you attend in life. Being a guest blogger is more or less the same thing.
Robert Tuchman is the author of the book “Young Guns”. Some Tips from the Book:

Who are you helping? Your business needs a purpose, which means it needs a customer. Always keep in mind that you are selling to someone.
Start your business plan, even if you’re not ready. Whether your business plan is on a napkin or a 50 page document, you need to get it started. Plans can be readjusted, but as long as the basic vision is there, you can move forward.
Market yourself and your company. Talk to anyone and everyone about your business because even if they are not the customer, they may meet someone who will be. Make any and all connections and cultivate a company personality as an extension of your own.
Selling light and performing heavy. Promise your customers what you know you can deliver (be honest!) and then strive to do more. People remember it when you exceed expectations and this will get you more business in future.
Failure and the learning curve. You or someone on your team will fail occasionally. No one’s perfect. The best thing to do is step back and learn from these mistakes. You will come back stronger each time because of them.

You can find Young Guns by Robert Tuchman on Amazon.

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