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I love to have a nice, hot shower every day, but it seems like it takes forever for the water to heat up. I usually end up turning on the shower and then go about doing other things like brushing my teeth or getting the coffee pot brewing. After a few minutes when I return, the water is at my preferred temperature and I can finally hop in. I realize that I must be wasting lots of water while I wait for the water to heat up. I had the opportunity to review the Chrome Water Lily Rain Showerhead by evolve which has pretty much solved this very problem I face each morning!
evolve has designed an eco-friendly showerhead using ShowerStart technology that saves the hot water BEFORE you actually get in the shower instead of conserving the water during the shower. So you can go about doing your morning chores like feeding the kids or making coffee and the shower will wait for you until you are ready. Once the water has reached a warm temperature of 95 degrees, it will slow to a trickle so that you are not wasting water. You will always know when its ready because the water flow will slow to just a drip and then by simply pulling the attached cord, it will begin the full flow of water. You can save money with this showerhead and according to evolve, it works out to be up to $75 a year in utility bills and 2700 gallons of water per year. Wow! With the ShowerStart Technology you can still go green, but without sacrificing the shower experience as with a traditional low flow showerhead.
The Water Lily Rain Showerhead has three spray patterns: rain, massage and rain/massage combo. I love the feeling of the rain! It just feels so relaxing and the water pressure is perfect.
This particular showerhead was easy to install and took us about 20 minutes. I love the fact that I no longer am wasting so much water while I wait for it to warm up. We live in an older home so it seems to take a long time till the water gets hot. I like knowing that I know longer am wasting money by showering.
Another cool feature I discovered is you can pull the cord and slow the water while you are lathering shampoo and conditioner in your hair. Then when you are done, you can pull the cord for the full flow of water to rinse it out. The massage spray is really good at rinsing out all the soap from your hair.
The Water Lily Rain Showerhead in Chrome Polish Finish costs $69.95 which is a reasonable price in my opinion. Its definitely worth the money especially because of all its unique features. You can purchase this showerhead directly from the evolve website.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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