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Ageless Anti-Age Perfume Review

Did you know that as our bodies age so does our scent? I knew that wrinkles and grey hair were a natural part of aging, but had no idea that my smell would change too! Both men and women produce a body chemical known as “noneal” which occurs as a result of the breakdown of essential fatty acids in the skin and causes aging body odour. Ageless by Harvey Prince Co., is the first anti-aging perfume that addresses this very issue and its essence will counter this natural aging odour. In fact, Ageless Perfume has been proven to actually make you smell 8 to 12 years younger!
Ageless Perfume was inspired by two brothers who were at a college event with their mom. Everyone thought that their mom was their sister! The brothers realized that fragrance is a big part in the perception of a women’s age and began to study what fragrances will negate the body odour that comes along with age.
The result is Ageless Perfume which is a proprietary combination of aromatic essences including pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple, leafy greens, pomegranate, jasmine and soft musk along with the oils of peony and Lily of the Valley. It’s formula is based on natural biochemistry.
I received a bottle of Ageless Perfume for review. I had never heard of an anti-aging perfume so was curious to see what it smelled like. It smells really good! Its kind of a mix of tropical with a bit of floral . It’s light and fresh smelling. I’m 31 years old so I am supposed to smell like I am 23 by wearing the perfume. I can’t say that anyone has said that I smell younger, but it is a really pretty perfume. I have had a few compliments on it when I wear it out. I found it interesting to learn that it is the only product like it out on the market and offers clinical research and proof that it works. Overall, I liked this perfume and will continue to wear it.
Ageless Anti-Age Perfume can be found on the sites of Harvey Prince and Ageless Fantasy along with high-end perfumeries and specialty stores in the US. In Canada, you can find it at The Bay. It comes in a 100 mL (3.4 oz) size bottle for $98. It is a big bottle that will last you a long time.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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