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LUSH Cosmetics Helps the Rainforest

LUSH Cosmetics is giving back and cutting back in an effort to save the Indonesian rainforest as well as the animals and people who live there. As part of its global public awareness campaign on palm oil and the devastation caused by its production, LUSH is launching two new products that give back to two new charities that work to save the animals and indigenous tribes of the rainforest.

All of the sales from LUSH’s limited edition Jungle Soap ($5.95, launching August 7th) will go to the Rainforest Foundation, which works with tribes to protect their forest homes from the destructive expansion of palm oil plantations in the region. At the same time, LUSH is excited to announce a new Charity Pot partnership with The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). The WSPA works with the Borneo Orangutan Society(BOS) to protect endangered orangutans threatened by the deforestation practices of the palm oil industry. As LUSH’s featured Charity Pot partner for the duration of the palm campaign, WSPA will be receiving proceeds generated from the sales of the Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion (receiving every penny of the $20.95 retail price, excluding taxes).
LUSH’s efforts don’t stop at giving back; we are also cutting back, on our palm use that is! LUSH has worked tirelessly for the past three years to develop a soap base that does not contain palm oil. Today, they are proud to announce that all LUSH soaps are now made with this palm-free base. Given that LUSH is the first cosmetics company to take these steps and is incredibly passionate about this issue, they are encouraging other soap companies to reformulate their products without palm. With three years of experimenting with various replacement oils, they are willing to share their expertise with other companies looking to reduce or eliminate their use of palm as well.

Consumers can reduce their palm use by switching to LUSH’s reduced palm soaps. To make this exploration a little more adventurous, LUSH is introducing the limited edition Soap Wall ($19.95), a sampling of LUSH’s 9 top-selling soaps made with our new palm FREE soap base. So you can be have some fun as you wash your hands of palm and help keep our rainforests LUSH.


Stacie Vaughan

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