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If you have ever had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), then you will understand how awful they are. I remember having one when I was 18 and it was horrible!! I definitely do not want to go through that again.

Did you know that half of all women will develop a UTI during their lifetime and many will experience more than one infection? UTIs are actually caused by bacteria that is not able to get out of the bladder. I was surprised to learn this because I had always thought that they were caused by bacteria getting “in” the bladder. However, when you pee you are supposed to flush out all the bad bacteria, but in the case of a UTI, this process is impeded.

I would like to tell you about Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets- an over-the-counter medication designed to help ease the pain and discomfort of UTIs. You still need to see a doctor about your UTI, but in the meantime, while you are waiting for your appointment, you should take Cystex to help prevent progression of the infection. According to a survey done by Cystex, 20% of women with UTIs typically wait three or more days to seek medical attention. I know that my doctor in Ontario can sometimes take up to a week to get into to see him.
Cystex is a dual action formula that helps numb the pain and burning with an analgesic and helps to control the infection with the urinary antiseptic methenamine. It will not change the colour of your urine like other OTC urinary pain products will.
On the Cystex website, they have a feature called “Ask the Urologist” where you can ask Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, a board certified urologist, a question about UTIs or bladder health. She is one of 500 female urologists in the country who specializes in female urinary tract issues and is also the author of the book, “A Seat on the Aisle, Please! The Essential Guide to Urinary Tract Problems in Women”.

You can also find a series of videos called “Know Your Bladder Better” that you can watch and learn more about this topic. The videos were both interesting and informative and I was surprised by some of the things I learned about bladder health. One of the videos is about the sex and UTI Connection. I feel much more well informed now! Here’s one of the videos, you can watch and learn a few things. Check out the Cystex website to see the rest in the video library. They are well worth watching.

Cystex is available at drug stores nationwide and is $9.25 for a package of 40 tablets and $15.95 for a package of 100 tablets. You can also buy it at the Cystex website .


I have one box of 40 tablets of Cystex to give to one of my readers.

Giveaway closed. 


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