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Are you looking for a way to supplement your income? I know I am always interested in learning about business opportunities that a stay at home mom like myself could do. Yvonne Totes is starting a new home party plan and is looking for consultants who will earn 50% of sales!

First off, let me tell you a bit about Yvonne Totes and who they are and what they do. Yvonne Totes is actually a mother-daughter team from Wisconsin with over 20 years of industrial sewing experience. They sell shopping bags, handbags, pouches, travel pillows, purses, athletic bags to name a few. All totes are high quality and American made at competitive prices. They use only durable material with an emphasis on environmentally safe manufacturing.

The best time to join a company that offers a home based business model is at the beginning. Since Yvonne Totes has just created the home party plan, why not get on board while it’s still new! They are currently in the process of creating a catalog to showcase their products and are offering you a chance to earn 50% of sales! Not many home based businesses can beat that! The starter packages begin at a cost of $25 and includes swatches of all their fabric designs and a few samples. Customers can design their own purse/tote with the fabric that is offered. I have been a part of other home based businesses and this one is the most affordably priced starter package I have seen.

By becoming a Yvonne Totes consultant you are not only helping the economy, but also making extra money for yourself and have lots of room to grow your business. This opportunity is open to both US and Canada! So whether you are a stay at home mom or looking to pursue a new full time career, Yvonne Totes may be the opportunity for you.
If you would like to learn more about the Yvonne Totes Party Plan, please contact Stacey Carolfi at [email protected] or call 715-652-6481.


Yvonne Totes is giving away one of their coupon pouches to one of my readers.

Giveaway closed.

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