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Sharon Bolton Scents Review

You know that one thing that if you forget to put it on before you head out, you feel like you are naked without it? No I am not talking about actual clothes here. For me it is my perfume. If I forget to put it on before I leave the house, I really do notice that its not there! I am a sucker for a pretty scent! I have tried tonnes of perfumes in the past and have many that I love to wear depending on my mood and the occasion.

Sharon Bolton Scents has perfume that is to die for!! Love it! Love it! Love it! Before I get more into my review, let me first tell you a bit about the company. Sharon Bolton Scents offers clean, light, sparkling scents that are expertly blended with the finest ingredients. All of their fine products are made in the USA and cruelty free with 100% recyclable packaging. Their product line includes perfume oils, body lotions, shower creams, jewelry and sarongs.

I had the opportunity to try out all five scents and boy do they smell gooooood!! Even the description is amazing. They have Dream, Truth, Luv and my fave, Soul. Here’s the descriptions of each so you can see what I am talking about…

~Dream~ A heady concoction of fresh bergamot, white freesia, and mimosa with accords of amber, sandalwood and exotic musk.
~Truth~ A refreshing, clean citrus…think tangy lemon-lime…softened by an exotic floral and an airy sheer musk.
~Luv~ An intoxicating, ultimately feminine scent of rare pink gardenia, lush Hawaiian white flowers and a hint of creamy vanilla with a delicate whisper of white musk.

~Soul~ Sweet tropical notes that will evoke a memory for your soul. Juicy papaya, luscious pineapple and creamy coconut with undertones of clean musk.

They all smell good in the bottle and even better on your skin. I tried each and everyone and was impressed. My favourite was Soul because of the tropical smells and reminded me of a vacation! I wore it to my grandma’s 80th birthday and everyone commented on how good it smelled. I didn’t even have to mention it. My cousin even said “Wow you smell good” as she passed by me. I smiled and told her what it was and she said that she wanted to try it out!!

A little goes a long way. I just did a little dab on my pulse points on my wrist and behind my ears. The scent lasts the whole day and does not change even on a hot, sweaty day. It’s priced at $42 for an 1/8 oz. and that will last you a long time. I highly recommend you try Sharon Bolton Scents and see for yourself how wonderful it is. I will be buying more when my bottles run out!

To make a purchase, please visit Sharon Bolton Scents online or find a retailer near you.
Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Stacie Vaughan

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