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VistaPrint Review

VistaPrint is an online printing company that produces a wide variety of printed materials and allows you to create personalized products without breaking the bank. The folks at VistaPrint sent me Mommy Cards and Business Cards for my review.

Mommy Cards are a new type of product that is rapidly gaining popularity. A Mommy Card is like a business card, but for moms. On the card you can list your contact information and hand them out to your children’s friends parents, babysitters, teachers, etc. I know when I go to my kid’s activities and chat with other parents and want to exchange numbers that I am always scrambling in my purse to find a paper and a pen. Giving them one of my Mommy Cards would be so much easier!

On my cards, I have my kid’s first names and my name along with my phone number, email and blog address. I also have a cute little design that brightens up the card. The cost of 25 Mommy Cards from VistaPrint start at $5.99. I think this is a great item for all moms to have. Friends of mine who are also moms commented on what a great idea my Mommy Cards are and how they wanted to get some for themselves!
VistaPrint also sent me 250 business cards. They have hundred of different designs to choose from and there were so many that I liked. I ended up going with a pink and brown card with a flower on it. I figured keep it sort of similar to my blog with the pink and brown theme. They look FABULOUS!!! I have all my blog information on it so when I met people, I can give them a card and tell them to check out my blog. I also include a card when I have to mail out giveaway prizes to winners. They are very professional looking and you can’t beat VistaPrint’s prices.
I highly recommend VistaPrint to all the moms out there who want to try Mommy Cards. Also, blog owners and business owners, check out their business cards and see what they have to offer. I know you won’t be disappointed!

VistaPrint is offering my readers a 25% discount on their order! To see what they have to offer, please visit their website.
Thanks to VistaPrint for the amazing and generous opportunity!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Stacie Vaughan

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