The Cream Perfume Company Giveaway – Day Two

Welcome to the Day Two Giveaway for a cream perfume from The Cream Perfume Company. I will be hosting a giveaway a day for the next week so make sure you get yourself into each one to increase your chances of winning!

So what exactly is in one of The Cream Perfume Company’s products? Well, for starters they contain completely natural ingredients- 63% almond oil, 20% parfum and 17% beeswax. For any perfume you buy, only a small percentage is the actual perfume fragrance so it makes you wonder how do they fill up the rest of the bottle. The balance of the ingredients are called carriers and most commercial perfumes out there use ethanol (alcohol) and water. Alcohol is an excellent diffuser of aromatic oils, but it is extremely drying to your poor skin and it quickly dissipates the fragrance. I know my skin dries out easily so I would prefer to use a perfume without alcohol.

Because The Cream Perfume Company doesn’t use alcohol in any of their perfumes, they are not required to use glass bottles for containment. Instead they use wood as their container which is less costly to the consumer, light, sturdy and travel friendly. Wood is a living material so every “nut” they sell will be different from the next one.


Win a Cream Perfume of your choice from The Cream Perfume Company.

Giveaway closed.

Stacie Vaughan

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