The Cream Perfume Company Giveaway – Day Three

Welcome to the Day Three Giveaway for The Cream Perfume Company’s week long giveaway!! I have another cream perfume to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Did you know that Egyptians were the first to incoroporate perfumes into their culture around 3000 BC? They used primarily incense and ointments and used similar methods that we use today to extract scents. Their perfumes were usually a mixture of crushed petals or herbs and oil as it wasn’t until much later that Arabs learned to extract the oil from flowers through distillation.
I also didn’t realize that concentrated oil is dangerous if applied to skin undiluted. I remember looking at aromatherapy essential oils and saw the warning. It doesn’t matter if the oil is synthetic or natural either. In terms of a strength of a perfume, eau fraiche is the least potent at 1% to 3% concentrated oil. Eau De Cologne has 4% to 8%, Eau de Toilette has 8% to 12%, Eau de Parfum has 12% to 15% and Parfum has 15% to 20%. See I learn something everyday!


The Cream Perfume Company would like to give a reader of mine a cream perfume of their choice.

Giveaway closed.

Stacie Vaughan

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