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Spa Time Baby Review

Spa Time Baby was started by two elementary school counselors- Debra Medina and Leslie Barile. They strongly believed in creating a nurturing and peaceful environment for the little ones they worked with. They were brainstorming one day and realized that the market for spa inspired products for babies was wide open and virtually untapped! And so began Spa Time Baby with the mission to lead the way and expand the nurturing and pampering experience for babies and toddlers everywhere.

One of their signature products is the CozyCare Cape which is an alternative to bathing and drying your baby. Debra came up with the idea after giving her daughter a bath. She would always wear her terrycloth bathrobe backwards when she dried off her baby. She went searching on the Internet for a product that would do the same job, but found nothing. So she invented it herself- the CozyCare Cape!
The CozyCare Cape makes bath time a much more enjoyable experience for both mom and baby. It keeps you dry during the bath with its waterproof panel and also is nice and warm for baby and dries them off easily.

Spa Time Baby has numerous other products including the CozyCare Mats, CozyCare Caps, CozyCare Cloths, Massage and Skin Care products, Baby Bath Books, and Spa and Gift Sets.

I received the Chic Baby Cape for my review. It’s a pink cape made from 100% terrycloth. It has a really soft feel to it and it does keep you dry throughout the bath. My sister, Laura and I used it on her little girl, Avery, who is 10 months old. Avery is normally a splasher and loves to get whoever is giving her the bath all wet. The CozyCare Cape was great because no matter how much little Avery tried to splash, I would not get wet!
Another good thing about this product is that drying off Avery was simple. Normally you would have to maneuver a slippery, wet baby and try to wrap them in a towel. This cape made it so much easier since I could pick her up with both hands and wrap her up in my arms.

Laura used it as a towel too. After Avery was out of the tub, Laura would sometimes take off the cape and wrap Avery up in it. Avery has no complaints and seems to like it too! We both thought this was one great product!

The care of the CozyCare Capeis simple- it’s machine washable and tumbles dry. We didn’t have to wash it after every bath and normally used it a couple times before washing. It dries nicely when you hang it up.

The CozyCare Cape is $38.95 without the monogram or $48.95 with a monogram of your child’s name. This product would also make a great shower gift and comes in a sheer organza pouch.

To purchase the CozyCare Cape or other products, please visit Spa Time Baby to buy directly from them or see the other retailers who offer them.


Spa Time Baby would like to offer my readers a 25% discount by entering the code Cozy at checkout. They also offer free shipping on orders $99 and up and their shipping prices apply internationally.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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