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See Kai Run Review

“Every journey begins with the first step” so why shouldn’t your little one wear a comfortable and stylish shoe? The inspiration for the See Kai Run shoe collection was born in 2002 and his name is Kai of course. Kai’s mom founded the company See Kai Runtwo years later in 2004 after her little guy was on the move. She wanted comfortable shoes with flexible soles that Kai could wear when he played outdoors and wanted a shoe that reflected the essence of her son- bold, hip, fun with urban sensibility.

The company took off right from the get go. Parents everywhere wanted shoes that were both special and unique and fit with their children’s personalities. 15 to 20 new designs are introduced each year with the focus on building a great shoe for developing feet.

See Kai Run shoes have soles that are made with extremely flexible rubber that allows the foot to flex in all the right places. The soft butter leather with a breathable leather lining and padded collars add to the comfort of the shoe. Plus, they are all Velcro closures for ease of putting the shoe on and off.

See Kai Run offers three footwear lines- smaller, soft-soled booties (size 0 to 18 m), first walkers (size 3-9) and shoes for bigger kids from a sister company, Eleven.

I received a pair of Kaya shoes from See Kai Run for my 11 month old niece, Avery. They are simply adorable! I love the pink, white and gray colour combo and the cream faux laces add to their appeal. They are also made with incredibly soft leather and they are wide enough so that Avery’s foot was not squished in there. Sometimes shoes can be too narrow, but there was lots of room for her little tootsies. Don’t they look so cute on her with her skinny jeans?

The best feature I think is the flexible rubber sole. They are the perfect learn to walk shoe for her and the sole will blend with her foot as she moves. They are sturdy for outdoors so when she does go outside to the park the shoes will support her well. They are also super easy to get on and off.
The look of this shoe goes well with an athletic type outfit which is perfect for a kid playing outside, but still have some style. They cost $40 and in my opinion are worth the price. Excellent quality and style. These are definitely a keeper!
To purchase See Kai Run shoes, please visit their website or find a store near you that carries these cute little shoes.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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