j. Nic Designs Giveaway

I love to wear pretty jewelry and am always on the lookout for shops that sell beautiful and affordable priced items. The Etsy shop j. Nic Designs has quite a few stunning pieces that I would love to own. Check these ones out…

I was able to ask the owner, Jenn a few questions about herself and her business and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is jenn(ifer) Trott. I live in a tiny little town of 300 hundred people right outside of Athens, GA in Oglethorpe County on a 5 acre mini farm that I share with my husband, 3 rotten kitties, the best dog one could ask for, 3 lazy goats, 2 old horses, 16 spoiled chickens and 2 ornery geese whom I all love to pieces =). I love to pick things especially wild blackberries – it’s more of a challenge than veggies (although I love that too!). I love to camp. Love to travel. I like to be woke up by my rooster’s crowing. I’m obsessed with the weather. And I have an aversion to the capital letter “j”.

Please tell me about your business.

I have “officially” been in business since Jan of 1996 which started with my jewelry pieces but progressed to me opening a gem shop (jNicLoft) last March. But my real start was back in the 80’s making jewelry in high school, that is if you don’t count the necklaces and bracelets I made out of flowers from clover patches during recess in elementary school.


j. Nic Designs would like to give one of my readers either a pair of Mangly Hoops OR Mangly Rectangles. Both are hammered, oxidized sterling silver earrings.

Giveaway closed.

Stacie Vaughan

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