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Interview with Divine Diamonds

Divine Diamonds has so many gorgeous jewelry pieces that take your breath away. Any of what they offer would make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Heck, I would even buy myself one to celebrate Mother’s Day! I had a chance to talk to Ruta Fox, creator of Divine Diamonds and learn more about her shop.

What do you sell at Divine Diamonds?
Four products, The Ah Ring (stands for A, available and h, happy), The Loves Me Earrings, (childhood game of plucking petals), The Tranquility Cross (serenity) and The Snowflake Necklace (about how unique each one of us is).
Who would this jewelry appeal to?

All ages, all races, all socio economic stratas, everyone from grandmothers to teenagers. It’s fun, fashionable and affordable. Everything retails for $330.00.
When did you start the business?
How did you get involved in this line of work?

It was divinely guided to me, (great story, too long to type).
How do you create this beautiful jewelry?

I buy wholesale diamonds from a gem importer and then have a NY factory make it up. Good quality, great workmanship.
What is your best selling piece?

The Ah Ring, I have sold over 6000.
Do you have any recommendations for a perfect Mother’s Day gift?

The Loves Me Earrings would be a great gift for Mom. Daisies, pretty, and goes with everything, day to night.
Where can people purchase Divine Diamonds and do you ship internationally?

Order at I have shipped to Canada and Great Britain, but prefer not to, because of the customs and duty (which the customer pays). Better if you have a stateside address of someone you know here.

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