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Natura World Review

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping so it makes sense to want to make that experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. How many people go to bed and wake up each morning with a stiff neck or sore back? I know I have in the past! I want to tell you about a company called Natura World whose mission is to help people sleep better and improve their lives.

Natura World was founded in 1994 by a father/son team- Harry & Ralph Rossdeutscher. They recognized that a quality night’s sleep contributes to a productive life and they wanted to help people sleep well in order to live better. They did their research and saw that the mattresses on the market may look all luxurious and comfortable in the store, but ended up failing to give customers a good night’s rest. People who bought these mattresses still had to live with back pain, and waking up feeling tired which it turned out, was actually caused from the mattress they slept on! I can attest to this personally because my husband and I used to have a mattress from a well known company and it actually made us both feel sore when we woke up and gave us back pain! Its so important to have something that is comfortable and gives your body the rest it needs.

Natura World successfully created a total sleep solution that fulfills its mission to help people sleep better. They are now the leader in the North American bedding industry with a multitude of products like various types of mattresses, pillows, and bedding to name a few.

My Review
Natura World sent me three products for my review- a Dream Mate pillow, Cloud pillow and a CD called “Quiet Moments”. Ok first of all I have one word to say first and it’s simply “Wow!”. These pillows are amazing and I have never slept on anything like them before! My old pillows were flat like pancakes and not at all soft and the Natura World pillows went above and beyond any pillow I have ever experienced. Excellent quality and feel.

The Dream Mate pillow has a wool lining that helps to regulate temperature next to the skin which allows you to sleep deeper. It also wicks away excess moisture and repels allergens and bacteria. It has a granulated latex core which provides springy support, but won’t pack down. It provides molding support and pressure relief.
This pillow was my husband’s favourite and I asked him how he would describe the pillow and he said it in one word- “heaven”. So I guess you can tell he loves it! I tried it the first night and then let him take it on the second night and he won’t let me have it back! I found the pillow to be very comfortable and it will support your head and neck throughout the whole night. It wasn’t smushed into the bed like other pillows can do with the pressure of my big head! It was a good size and I was surprised that it was heavier than most pillows. It definitely did its job well to give my husband a good night’s rest!

The Cloud Pillow which is my personal favourite is incredible! This pillow has a Smart Wool fill that regulates the temperature next to your skin. No night sweats here! It also repels bacteria and allergens like the Dream Mate Pillow. I love that this pillow prevents the moisture from building on my face since I do still suffer from breakouts and have to be very conscious of what I put on my face. Being of natural fibres and hypoallergenic is important to me.

I have been sleeping so much better since I started using the Cloud Pillow. It’s so soft and comfy that I seriously sigh when I put my head down on it. I know that sounds corny, but its true! Its just such a delight having a pillow that doesn’t make my neck stiff when I wake up in the morning. I sleep much more restfully now and am able to function better during the day which is important when I have two kids that keep me running around.

The Dream Mate Pillow starts at $52.50 for a standard size pillow while the Cloud Pillow is $80 for a standard size. The quality of the sleep experience is worth the price. I mean if I think about all the times I woke up with my neck being sore, I would definitely say that spending a little extra on a pillow is well worth it in the end.

The CD “Quiet Moments” was so soothing and I loved listening to the sounds of nature while I fell asleep. I fell asleep really quickly while listening to it. It can be purchased for $22.50.

You can purchase Natura Worldproducts from their website or find a dealer near you. If the pillows are this great, I can imagine that their mattresses would be awesome too! Overall, I think Natura World is an awesome company and the pillows are simply the best I have ever tried! I’m telling my family and friends about this amazing company so that they can have a restful sleep too.

Special Promotion

Natura World has offered my readers a free aromatherapy spray with every purchase from their website for the rest of March! Please use the code March09 to take advantage of this special offer.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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