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Only two more days till Spring!! I’m excited and can’t wait for the snow to melt! Mother’s day is fast approaching too and I know it’s soon time for me to think about a gift for my mom. I’m also a mom of two girls and look forward to seeing what they have in store for me.

KN Karen Neuburger has gifts that will show Mom how much you care about it her. They have created a Mother’s Day gift guide that caters to whatever mood Mom is in and shows just how much you care and appreciate her. I want to show you all the cute and comfy looking PJ’s they have to offer! I know I often spend my day at home in my PJ’s chasing after the kids and cleaning the house and I don’t get dressed till much later in the day. I would love to have these pretty PJ’s in sweet spring shades!
A feminine favorite, purple indicates sensual, simple clarity that all Moms strive for. Nothing is more soft and sensual than this KN Midnight Mums Lilac Nightshirt. The simple cut and relaxed fit is perfect for a soothing night’s sleep and a tranquil tomorrow. This is loungewear Mom will absolutely l-o-v-e.

The KN Midnight Mums Lilac Nightshirt retails for $46.00


Relaxed and at ease, blue is the most content of cool colors. Though the Mom-to-Be is not always the picture of rested perfection, she does wish to be. Give her bedtime blues a break with the KN Cool Maternity Floral PJ. The super-soft, breathable cotton wicks away moisture, leaving your loved one feeling cool and comfortable throughout the night.The KN Cool Maternity Floral PJ retails for $82.00
A universal color for passion and romance, pink is a must among most Moms out there. Looking for something for your sweetheart? Wrap her up in warmth, comfort and most importantly, love with the KN Double Plush Robe. The ultra-cozy material will keep her feeling cheery and cherished while catching a quick rest or running after the kids.

The KN Double Plush Robe retails for $96.00

Light green symbolizes a mood that Mom is all too familiar with- Emotional. No one knows the far reaching depths of emotion than a new Mom. Treat the new Mom in your life to the pastel-patterned KN Hospitalwear Nursing Gown. The cotton-rich knit in a discreet pull-over style allows for all the comfort and privacy Mom and baby deserve.The KN Hospitalwear Nursing Gown retails for $52.00All items pictured here can be purchased online at KN Karen Neuburger.


KN Neuburger would like to give one of my readers some pj’s in honour of Mother’s Day. They have many styles and sizes available so it will be a surprise which ones you receive, but they will be in your size and super cute and comfy!

Giveaway closed

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