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Cheeky Umbrella Review

Spring is finally here and I am happy to say that the snow is almost all gone from my home here in Eastern Ontario. It’s about time too as it has been a loooong winter! April is here in a couple days and I thought the saying “April Showers, Bring May Flowers” would be fitting for my review of Cheeky Umbrella. We all need a good umbrella to keep us dry in the rain!

Cheeky Umbrella was the creation of Jen Zurowski who had never even owned an umbrella until she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia which is notoriously rainy. She came up with the idea after searching for an umbrella that would be functional to stand up against the wind and rain, but also stylish and let her personality shine through. Cheeky Umbrella’s philosophy is to embrace and enjoy the rain and hopes to brighten their customer’s moods with their sassy designs.

Cheeky Umbrella sent me the “Raining Men” Umbrella which is black on the outside with a funky yellow daisies design and yellow on the inside with the saying “When does it start raining men?” Too cute! All of the umbrella’s have a “cheeky” saying like this inside. I loved its design and thought it was perfect for me! It’s a nice large umbrella too so you could easily fit two adults under it. It measures 40 inches when open. I use it when I have to walk my kids to the bus stop in the rain.

I also liked that it is lightweight and has a strong frame. It holds up well under a hard downpour and strong winds. There’s nothing worse than an umbrella that conks out on you in a rainstorm! It is also very simple and quick to open. You just click a small silver push button and you are in business.

I also liked that it was quick to dry. I am used to the cheap umbrellas that stay sopping wet for hours and get you wet the next time you have to open them. Its made with pongee fabric which is both durable and fade resistant as well as soft to touch.
Cheeky Umbrella offers a Lifetime Warranty on their umbrellas! I can appreciate a company that stands by their products.
The umbrellas are priced at $44 CAD which is on the high end of what I would pay. However, I would consider the lifetime warranty, chic design and top notch quality as a strong factors in my decision to purchase one. They are built to last.
I’m a fan now of Cheeky Umbrella after having the chance to try one out!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Stacie Vaughan

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