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Nicki Leigh Bath & Body carries handmade vegan lip balm, body balm, soap and perfume. I thought she had a great selection of products and I definitely knew these products were right up my alley. All her products are made with vegan friendly fragrance oils and not essential oils. I love beauty products that are free of nasty chemicals which can be so harsh on sensitive skin. Here are some of what she carries in her shop…

I asked Nicole, the creator of Nicki Leigh Bath & Body a few questions to learn more about her business.

Please tell me about yourself.

Born and raised under the watch of my father and his parents, I was an only child. When I was younger, I preferred to be alone. There were times I would go out with my best friend on walks and bike rides, but any social events I avoided.

In my times of solitude, I would go through my drawers filled full of art supplies. I loved doing arts and crafts. The smell of new crayons, a pile of brightly colored construction paper and many sticks of elmer’s glue. I tried just about every craft I could think of. I also would line up all of my stuffed animals against the edge of my bed and play teacher, as that is what I wanted to be when I grew up 😉

I think the biggest form of creativity I had was after my father passed away. I started writing poetry and soon, a few novels close to the length of a “Lord of the Rings” book. I did get a few pieces published, but I also was not one to just sit around doing one thing. I had to do it all!

Now that I am older, I reflect and cherish the memories I have of the many things I have tried to do. I still love going for walks and I also work on arts and crafts in my off times. I do not think I could ever go a single day without doing something creative. It’s a part of me and a way of life within my family as well.

Please tell me about your business.

I have been running this business from home since September of last year. The idea of making bath & body products truly was not the first thing that came to mind. However, seeing my family suffer with various skin conditions as well as myself, it all kind of fell into place. I knew I wanted to offer vegan alternatives since many of my friends are vegan. I had started this business for two reasons and they were to keep me busy and to help others. I have achieved both goals and now have a fair following here on etsy.
Each time one of my customers tell me how much my product has helped, it makes me feel proud that I could reach out to someone else in need of some relief. I know how painful sensitive skin can be and sympathize with anyone who needs to go through with it. Though I cannot cure the skin sensitivity, I can offer alternatives to what is out on the market today that do not contain harsh additives or chemicals.

To Purchase:

Receive 10% off entire purchase fromNicki Leigh Bath & Body for the giveaway period (until Feb 26). Please write “10% off blog giveaway” in the Comments to Seller section and the difference will be refunded to you via paypal. Refund does not include shipping costs only the cost of the products.

The Giveaway

Nicole has generously offered my readers their choice of any single lip balm or perfume from her shop.

Giveaway closed.

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