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When I came across the shop lilpunks on etsy, I was very excited and thought what a unique idea. Lilpunks is the first and only exclusive kid’s Steampunk themed jewelry collection available on the Internet. I had a look at her collection and knew my oldest girl, Olivia, who is almost 11 would love to own these beautiful pieces. My youngest daughter, Bridget, who is 4 would even be able to wear this jewelry and it would be great for her to wear for a “special” day like a wedding or birthday party. These are a few of my favourites…

Nava who is the creator of lilpunks is sending me a bracelet which I will do a review on at a later date and has offered to sponsor a giveaway!! I wanted to find out a bit more about her and lilpunks so I asked her a few questions.
Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Nava. Life for me is in New York City with my husband as I play Mommy to my five year old twins. I am a graduate with degrees in accounting and arts. It has certainly been a challenge as a young mother trying to juggle getting my degrees while working with a financial firm here in the Big Apple. Thankfully and almost miraculously, I’ve been stealing time away to return to my artsy passions for creating. Some local boutiques in my area sell wonderful imported European children’s clothing and accessories so I’ve been able to display and share my work. I’m excited to see what lies ahead.
Please tell me about your shop.
Just having opened the doors on Etsy you will find that I design and create vintage children’s Steampunk and Victorian inspired jewelry and accessories. While there is heightened awareness and popularity in what lies in the various vintage eras, most often the children and youth are overlooked when trying to find accessories that cater to this genre and passion. One can expect to find bracelets and necklaces, hair pins, etc with Victorian themes accents and real vintage gears and watch parts worked into accessories. All of my work is “child tested” for safety and carefully hand assembled making sure that each and every piece is safe yet adorable for the lil punk’ers out there.
What inspires you?
I was fortunate enough to be exposed to antiques and vintage European decor for most of my life and have always been enchanted by all things, “old”. I very much am intrigued and often awestruck by the incredibly artistic craftsmanship and detailing that went into almost everything made generations and generations ago. The heritage between both my husband’s and my own families is something I can truly say still lives strongly in my everyday life. It is my hope that I can share and expose others to these special beauties with our children so that they might experience the same gratification that lies in all of our “yesterdays”.
The Giveaway
Nava has generously offered one of my readers their choice of one jewelry piece from her shop, lilpunks! This is a really awesome giveaway with so many gorgeous items to choose from! It will a tough choice to choose just one.
Giveaway closed.

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