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The Blind Pimple

I treated myself to a facial today at a local spa called The Healing Room. It was fabulous! The lady who does them for me is Kathy and she is the owner of the Healing Room. I feel really comfortable going there.

See my problem isn’t aging skin or wrinkles…I have adult acne 🙁 I feel so self conscious without my makeup because I feel like everyone is staring at my zits! I normally don’t go anywhere without my foundation or cover up on. When I’m home I don’t wear any makeup to allow my skin to breathe.
I had acne as a teen, but it wasn’t too serious. Even during my twenties I wasn’t so bad. I went off the pill back in 2005 due to other health reasons and since then I have been breaking out worse! These are the types of pimples that are big and hide under the skin and are so painful. Many blind pimples because they rarely ever break the surface.
I think there are few reasons for the breakouts- 1. hormones (always around my period) 2. the food I eat. I went off dairy, gluten and sugar for a few months and my skin mostly cleared up. It was a miracle. However with Christmas I fell off the wagon with my eating habits…so hard to break that chocolate addiction…and I have connect the dots on my cheeks again.

Back to my facial, she does the Purifying facial which I believe is for acne. She actually pops the pimples with a special tool. It really hurts!!! It works though because today they are all shrinking and drying up. I’m 30 years old and I wonder how much longer I will have acne!

Stacie Vaughan

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