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With the new year now upon us and everyone busy making those new year’s resolutions, I thought it would be a perfect time to tell you about a great book called You, Only Better by Jennifer Glover.
Book Description
In the hectic pace of the world today, people find their lives are not their own. We are automated machines, who carry forth, day in and day out, without feeling fulfilled or truly happy about who we are. Stress. Relationships broke down by miscommunication and lack of trust. Debts, financial worry, career concerns. Depression, weight problems, and sense of loss and hopelessness. So many of us have had one or all of these issues in the recent past or are living with these problems now. If this is YOU, struggling, looking for guidance, information and insights on what to do next, and how to change your life, this book will give you those answers you seek. YOU, ONLY BETTER will teach you easy methods and techniques to be used to turn situations and problems, into success stories. By implementing some simple instructions into your life, some different ways of expressing and communicating, and changing your attitude will most certainly show that YOU have the power, control and knowledge to repair and fix the issues in your life to reflect the positive not remain dwelling in the negative.
Living a positive, happy, healthy, and enjoyed life can be achieved. There’s nothing to loose, but your whole life to re-gain! You can start today, and make the changes, so tomorrow, when you look in the mirror its YOU, ONLY BETTER!
About the Author
Jennifer Glover was born in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, Pembroke Ontario Canada, and has lived there all her life. She graduated both high school and college with Honors, and began working in her chosen field, Medical/Dental Office Administration all before she was 20 years old. She felt successful and realized she had more “stuff’ and had achieved more then most people her age. She was the one person that friends and acquaintances came to for help and advice; she was the one with the opinions and answers, and was there for everyone who asked.
Life started happening and Jennifer was married and then had 2 kids, 15 months in age apart. Life was hectic! She decided to change jobs within the dental field. During these very draining years as a wife and mother, LIFE began taking a toll on her health, her marriage, and her finances. She felt unappreciated, unhappy, and undeserving, and she felt she had lost control of her life. At only 25 years old, Jennifer thought she made massive mistakes, began feeling regrets and loss, and became depressed. Like most people today, she struggled with debts and tight budgets, lack of communication and trust in her relationships, and stress. Her overall health and well being was in jeopardy. Then her marriage failed. Jennifer hit rock bottom, and hard.
As an intelligent woman, she knew that things needed to change, and she needed to do this to save her life. Jennifer didn’t know where exactly to start. She looked to religion and the “church” and various beliefs and practices. She knew that having “faith” was important, but she needed to find faith within herself first, before she could find strength to carry on. Her spirituality was strong, being an intuitive person and clairvoyant, sensitive to the “unknown”, and very empath to the world and people around her. She regained her focus on the “Divine”, and began respecting herself, her life, her family and what abundance she already had. She found comfort in writing and taking her anger and resentments and putting them to paper, instead of holding those emotions within herself. Expressing her thoughts, desires and emotions became a lot easier for this emotional woman and LIFE started to look better once she made simple and easy goals become reality.
Jennifer found respect for herself by positive self-affirmations and mental/emotional reconditioning. Her marriage became top priority as was getting her family back together and starting over again. She knew she was onto something, with her methods of HOW TO fix herself, inside and out, when she started seeing the goals she would set for herself, became reality. Things were coming together for Jennifer, and life was getting happier and better and the changes were looking wonderful.
In October 2003, her grandmother then passed away. Jennifer thought she would loose all her progress and ground breaking changes, and felt vulnerable to hit rock bottom again. The death of her “Granny” made her stronger and even more of a fighter to get her life her own again, and to be more of a success.
Jennifer wanted to change her life, and she did. She knew that the information and procedures she had used was vital and important, and it was easy to work with. If what she did, could fix and resolve her assorted problems, then it would make a difference, and help others who were in the same situation as she once was. This gave her a new direction. She needed to share her knowledge, she wanted to see happiness in the people around her. Jennifer wanted to see strong and healthy lives, in a world of war, uncertainty and despair. By helping others regain their self-confidence and learn to love themselves, she could show people a new direction that could lead them from darkness into the light.
Her transformation has taken her from a weak, lonely and hopeless person, who wasn’t sure if she wanted to carry on or shrivel up and die, to a strong, happy, healthy, successful and vibrant woman.
Jennifer has completed education in Reiki Healing, and has attained her Advanced Training. She is currently working on Angelic Communications Techniques and Procedures, and will begin teaching this information with the release of her next book. Her life long goal is to help other people find their path in life, and be as fulfilled as she is.
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You can purchase You, Only Better by Jennifer Glover on Amazon.
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