My Secret Stain-Fighting Weapon #Clorox2


I have a confession to make: I enjoy doing laundry. Even writing that down sounds strange, but it’s true. If I had to pick one chore that I actually liked doing, I wouldn’t hesitate to say laundry. I have forbidden John from entering my domain aka the laundry room. He knows better now and stays… [read more]

Stay Warm with Kamik Winter Footwear


I’m keeping my feet warm this winter sporting a brand new pair of Kamik winter boots! For the past few winters, I didn’t have a pair of boots. I know I’m nuts. I would shovel the driveway in my running shoes. By the time I would be done, my feet were like icicles and I’d… [read more]

Montage Photo Books

Montage Photo Books

I’m the picture taker in my family. As of this very moment, I have 2,298 pictures on my iPhone alone! I have thousands of others on our personal server, on DVDs, on my cloud, etc. While I love having digital copies of my pictures, I love printing them even more. I have so many pictures… [read more]

Schick Holiday Packs for Women & Men


I’m about half way through my Christmas shopping. How about you? It’s getting busy out there! My shopping list is a bit longer this year now that we are back in Ontario. I’ll be able to give gifts to friends and family I haven’t seen in years. I don’t want to break the bank, but… [read more]

Levana Stella Two Camera Set

Levana Stella Two Camera Set

It amazes me to see the changes in our technology over the years. Everything has become so advanced, making our lives a little easier each day. Even though my boys are still young, the changes in baby monitors in the few years since they were babies has really been extraordinary. One company that is bringing… [read more]