Christmas Gadgetry

G-Force is being released in Blu-Ray and DVD on December 15 so I wanted to share this article with you in anticipation of its release. It looks like it will be a cute movie!   Are you hoping to get some radical, high tech , totally mind- blowing, possibly body transporting, electronic gadgets this Christmas?… [read more]

Iams Canada’s Home 4 The Holidays

I am a big animal lover so I wanted to let you all know about Iams Canada’s Home 4 The Holidays. It’s the world’s most successful pet adoption drive with the goal of finding homes for the 1.5 million pets worldwide. In fact, more than 15 countries are participating in this drive. Every household that… [read more]

What Inspired Me to Write The Scottish Thistle

I’ve long been fascinated by Scottish things. I asked for and received bagpipes for Christmas as a child. As a teenager, my parents gave me a book entitled The Hammer of God by James H. Hunter, about a man who assumes another identity to protect people during the Scottish Reformation. This alter ego also fascinated… [read more]

Guest Post by Bill Walker

One of the most difficult aspects of writing, in my humble opinion, is dialogue. It is also one of the most important. In fact, I would wager that most people wouldn’t care to read a book without it. So, how does one develop an ear for dialogue? After all, we hear people around us speak… [read more]

Testing the Limits on Governmental Intrusion Into Personal Privacy Rights

Testing the Limits on Governmental Intrusion Into Personal Privacy Rights: Cases Raise the Question as to Whether the Police Be Permitted to Install a GPS Device on a Suspects Car Without a Warrant Our society is continually being called upon to evaluate how far our law enforcement officials and other governmental agencies should be permitted… [read more]

Guest Post by Michael Estepa

Is it true that gang members do not hurt people that are not gang members or is that just a myth? This is a tricky question because the moral values on human life for organised crime gangs throughout the world are different. In the research I did on organised crime for my book, Purged by… [read more]

Honouring Selfless Woman Award with

Selfless Woman Jewelry Award   Thanksgiving is coming, and there’s no better time to thank people who have touched your life and that of others’. is proud to announce the launch of its first annual “Joolwe Selfless Woman Jewelry Award”; the program is searching for members of the community who always put the needs… [read more]