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#LetsTalkBums Twitter Party

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It’s time again for another #LetsTalkBums Twitter Party with Cottonelle! The last one was hilarious and fun. I loved hearing everyone’s stories. I’ve got a few of my own to share when a Cottonelle Cleansing Cloth On the Go Pack would have come in very handy. I’ll quickly share one here and save the rest for the party.

#LetsTalkBums Twitter Party

In the summer of 2006, we moved from Edmonton to Pembroke, ON. The plan was to drive ourselves to our destination. It was a military move so they were covering travel expenses and it was also a chance to show the girls our great nation. We a couple hours outside of Edmonton when the strong urge to pee hit me. I have a small, weak bladder and we always need to make lots of stops on road trips so I can use the restroom. The urge to go was something else. You know when you are holding your pee for an ultrasound when you’re pregnant? It hurts so much you want to cry? That’s how bad it was. My husband said we would stop at the next gas station.

Unfortunately that wasn’t soon enough.

I couldn’t take it anymore and told him to pull over. I was glad that I was wearing a summer dress so I didn’t have to flash the cows or any curious onlookers. I didn’t see anyone around, but you never know. Afterwards, I realized I had nothing to wipe with. My husband found some old napkins in the console of the van and said use these. I’m a huge germaphobe and was so grossed out. I didn’t want to think if the napkins were clean or how long they had been in there. Let me just say, I keep a pack of Cottonelle Cleansing Cloth On the Go Packs in my vehicle for situations like these. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make to a bathroom, but they are there if I need them.

And get this. We drove another two minutes down the road and lo and behold, there was a GAS STATION. Just my luck.

#LetsTalkBums Twitter Party

I hope you’ll be able to join the #LetsTalkBums Twitter Party on Wednesday, August 27th at 9pm EST!

#LetsTalkBums Twitter Party


Party Details


We’ll be giving away six prize packs to six lucky winners! Join in and it could be YOU!

5 prize packs (ARV $50)

  • 3 – Fresh Care On the Go packs
  • 1 – Fresh Care Upright Dispensers
  • 1 – Fresh Care Pop up Tub
  • 1 – Ultra Care Pop up Tub
  • 1 – Fresh Care Refill
  • 1 – Ultra Care Refill
  • 1 – Fresh Care Reclosable Pouch
  • 1 – Ultra Care Reclosable Pouch
  • 1 – 12pk Ultra Comfort Care/Clean Care TP

1 Grand Prize (ARV $260)

  • 16 – 12pk Ultra Comfort Care/Clean Care TP
  • 2 – Fresh Care Pop up Tub
  • 2 – Ultra Care Pop up Tub
  • 6 Fresh Care Go packs
  • 2 – Fresh Care Upright Dispensers
  • 2 – Fresh Care Refill
  • 2 – Ultra Care Refill
  • 2 – Fresh Care Reclosable Pouch
  • 2 – Ultra Care Reclosable Pouch


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