SunRidge Farms Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

With so many snacking options out there it’s hard to stay on the healthy track all the time – especially when I’m out of the house. But I do my best to think ahead and try to pack healthy snacks for me and my family when we head out on vacations, day trips, or a long day of errands. I find trail mixes and nuts to be one of the easiest and best snacks to pack, and I’m glad to have been introduced to a brand offers these types of healthy snacks for my family at home and on the go – SunRidge Farms.

SunRidge Farms Review

I received three bags of treats from SunRidge Farms for review – Hit The Trail Mix, Deluxe Trail Mix and Supreme Almonds. All of them organic, and all of them delicious! The almonds are great on their own, but I like them especially as part of my morning smoothie, mixed up with some fresh berries and milk. A bag of these almonds sells for $4.65 on the SunRidge site. The Hit The Trail Mix is SunRidge Farm’s #1 seller and contains organic roasted Tamari almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, raisins, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds. My husband really enjoyed this mix and took the bag with him to work to keep at his desk for healthy snacking during the day. This bag sells for $4.59 on the site. The Deluxe Trail Mix also sells for $4.59 and contains organic dried apricots, organic roasted peanuts, organic raw almonds, organic dried apples, organic walnuts, organic date pieces, organic sunflower seeds and organic raisins. I love the sweetness this mix has and use it as an afternoon pick me up when I’m usually craving something sweet. All three of these bags were resealable, great for packing up in your beach bag, diaper bag, or work bag.

SunRidge Farms Review

SunRidge Farms has been around for 30 years producing foods for a healthier lifestyle. Not only are they committed to using the highest quality ingredients in their foods, they’re also committed to preserving the environment by using bio-diesel fuel in their delivery trucks and running a completely solar-powered candy plant. SunRidge produces foods without highly processed or refined ingredients and source Non-GMO ingredients for their products. They are a company committed to the planet and supporting organic farming and sustainable practices. They also make substantial donations toward the successful resolution of environmental, social, food related issues on both local and global levels. They truly are a company that cares, and I love to support these types of businesses.

To see the full line of healthy treats SunRidge Farms has to offer, visit their site. You can also find them on Facebook.


  1. Danielle Porter says

    I like that these are organic. You don’t cross a lot of organic nuts! The price is also really good.

  2. cheryl c. says

    I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks. I will have to see if the grocery store I go to carries these.

  3. ANN*H says

    I like that they are organic and healthy for us. We like the trail mix the best – lots of yummy fruits and nuts. I like that they are a trusted company who has been around for 30 years. thanks for the information on this snack food.

  4. mrsshukra says

    I always stock up on health organic treats like this so I love being introduced to new brands like Sun Ridge Farms and will definitely look for these, thanks!

  5. Karen D says

    I try to stay with organic products whenever possible. Sunridge Farms products are great! Glad you liked them, too!

  6. Sherry Compton says

    I’ve never heard of them, but the Hit the Trail Mix really interests me. I like the idea of mixing nuts and seeds, and I find it really neat that they use pumpkin seeds too. The prices are reasonable I think for this type of product. Yum!

  7. Enza Campanella says

    These look good and I do like that they are Organic. I will have to keep my eyes open for them the next time I grocery shop

  8. Deb Dorrington says

    I like that the products are all organic and I know I would love the Deluxe Trail mix because it sounds a bit sweeter which I like. The price is excellent!!


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