Kindness Kingdom Review & Giveaway (US)

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

I firmly believe that it is very important to teach my children the importance of good manners, starting at a very early age. I always beam when my children are complimented when they use proper manners. They are certainly not perfectly behaved however by using positive reinforcement when setting our expectations my hope is to raise well-mannered children who grow up to be polite adults.

Kindness Kingdom™ is a delightful “manners” themed board game for little girls “where marvelous manners are your invitation to the best tea party ever!” My six year old daughter, Hannah is a girly girl who loves tea parties but has grown up with her two brothers and has developed some less than lady-like behaviors. We agreed that it would be fun to play Kindness Kingdom™ together and it was indeed lots of learning fun.

Kindness Kingdom Review

Created for children ages 5+, Kindness Kingdom™ is proudly made in the USA and encourages values and social skills such as empathy and kindness, table manners and even tea party etiquette. Little girls (and even Moms in my experience) will bond together as they have fun answering questions as they move around the enchanting game board. Game play is designed for 2-4 players and with each correct answer the players will receive a charm for the bracelet place card that they are taking to Queen Grace’s “Marvelous Tea Party”. The last charm that is collected is the “key” to the Golden Gate of the Golden Rule!

Kindness Kingdom Review

Hannah commented on the pretty colors of the game board and the lovely costumes of the characters. She enjoyed answering the questions and wanted to play this game again and again. I love that it is a cooperative game so all of the players cheer each other on throughout the entire game encouraging team work, good sportsmanship and friendship. The multiple choice questions are interesting and can be adapted easily depending on the age of the child. The answers on the back open up for a discussion about the situation depicted in the question. Hannah likes playing this game so much that I thought it would be fun to set up a summer tea party with a few of her friends who will be coming over soon for a fabulous afternoon of fun, tea and cookies and of course, Kindness Kingdom™!

Kindness Kingdom Review

I love to discover creative new games and Kindness Kingdom™ is a perfect choice for young girls. It is currently available for purchase for the SRP of $35 online at Marvelously Well-Mannered, LLC and be sure to check out the “Princess Activities” and “Parent’s Corner” too.

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  1. Rachel Higgs says

    I like that This marvelous manners game encourages empathy, develops social skills and nurtures a kindness of spirit that will help each player lead a more enjoyable and thoughtful life. Children need to learn how to be nice and care about others

  2. Penelope Merriweather says

    I like this…… “Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are.”……What a wonderful lesson! Great giveaway thanks!

  3. Sherry Compton says

    I like how it develops social skills and being aware of others while your children are having fun. It’s so important for kids to realize that other people have feelings, too.

  4. Rae Nelson says

    I love this game and it is very unique in what and how it teaches!! Much needed and looks like fun too that kids will greatly have fun with to teach social manners and feelings.

  5. Bethany C. says

    I like that it not only teaches them manners and etiquette, but also how to handle life’s little faux pas.

  6. Jennifer T. says

    I like that comprehensive analysis of thirty-three studies found teaching children social and emotional skills is indeed important. Research behind the game.

  7. says

    I love this!!! This is a great way to teach children about manners and being kind without making them feel like they’re being lectured. Great idea!!

  8. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like that there is no actual winner! Kids are supposed to cheer on other players once they reach the Golden Gate!

  9. sandra davis says

    i would like to win this for my nieces and would love playing it with them and love that it would help teach them about manners and people nice to people

  10. Christian Alejandro says

    I think my eldest niece would really enjoy it. It’s a great and healthy game to play.

  11. Carrie Phelps says

    As both a Mimi and a childcare provider it’s important to me that the children are kind to one another, with this game it could be “fun” to be nice!

  12. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    I think everyone needs to use manners more and this game will just help my girls use them more.

  13. Nicole Lancaster says

    I want my daughter to play this game because she needs to work on her manners and learn manners for different situations.

  14. Colleen W says

    I would love for my daughter to play this game with me. She has been in a me me me phase and playing this together would give us more time to sit down and talk.

  15. says

    this would be fun for my niece to play and learn manners at the same time – great concept. I did visit the site but this is the only product that they currently have

  16. Gwendolyn Blunt says

    My little girl and I love playing “big girl games” as she likes to call them, and to play a game that teaches empathy and manners while looking beautiful would sincerely be a dream~~Thanks for the chance of winning!

  17. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d like to win because it’d teach my nieces how to be nice even in difficult situations (for a child to understand)

  18. Gayle S says

    I would like this game for my granddaughter. She needs to be reminded about manners, which can sometimes go in one ear and out the other. A game that helps teach manners would be far more productive because it is fun!

  19. Gayle S says

    I would like this game for my granddaughter. She needs to be reminded about manners, which can sometimes go in one ear and out the other. A game that helps teach manners would be far more productive because it is fun!


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