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Family Game Night each week is loads of fun for my entire family and even my husband often gets in on the action. Hasbro is a favorite brand for many of our adult games and children’s games. We recently played BEJEWELED FRENZY and had a blast.

I admit that I often can play the online version of BEJEWELED sometimes for hours as it is delightfully addictive.


A twist on Hasbro’s popular BEJEWELED game, BEJEWELED FRENZY elevates the fun with a sparkly card game. The object of this game is to race to match gems and ultimately build the largest stack of cards. If you match three gems in a row on the cards you can collapse your stack into one pile and collect the Boost Gems to get points. Whoever scores the most points is declared the winner!

I love card games and this one is so unique and fun. It includes 84 cards, 7 boost gems (my 5 year old thought these were real jewels) a case and instructions. It is designed for ages 8 and up but our entire family was able to play because we had our two little ones “help” us and they thought it was so much fun too. I also appreciate that all of the pieces and cards store in a handy traveling case so we can take it along with us on vacation or on camping trips.


For the older children who are ages 13 years and up they can even access digital features with their Facebook account. BEJEWELED FRENZY is affordably priced at only $14.99 and is a wonderful game for all ages……perfect for family get-togethers!

You are invited to visit Hasbro to get purchasing information for BEJEWELED FRENZY or browse the entire selection of fun family oriented games!

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  1. Karine says

    Thanks for sharing this! I was looking into buying it, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t knew how it could actually be interactive. Well thanks for showing it

  2. Erika B says

    Wow looks like a lot if fun! I get a ton of requests on Facebook from friends wanting me to play this. It is very well priced as well maybe I should give it a try! :)

  3. Heidi C. says

    This sounds like a really fun game! We enjoy Bejeweled very much. I am going to look into picking this up!

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