Raise a Cone to Summer with Nestlé Drumstick #RaiseaCone

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Nestlé Drumsticks, to me, are the epitome of summer. I remember being a kid asking my mom for some money so I could go to the store with my friends. 9 times out 10, I’d buy myself a Nestlé Drumstick…Classic Vanilla Caramel for this girl! To this day, I enjoy heading to our local corner store and buying myself a cold, sweet treat. Nowadays, there’s more selection. If I see a new flavor available, I’ll try it. However, I tend to gravitate back towards my old favorite Classic Vanilla Caramel!

My daughter, Bridget, is following in my footsteps. She always asks me when we are going to the store so she can get a treat! In the summer, she loves ice cream and will often grab a Nestlé Drumstick from the store freezer. Her choice is usually the SIMPLY DIPPED Vanilla. 

Raise a Cone to Summer with Nestlé Drumstick #RaiseaCone

Summer is almost here. I’m anticipating lots of drumstick runs to the store. In fact, I find it easier to just buy them by the box so I always have them on hand for my girls and their friends. Time to start the countdown to our favorite season of the year!

Raise a Cone with Nestle Drumstick

Raise a Cone to Summer with Nestlé Drumstick

 Nestlé Drumstick is also counting down the days to summer with a special promotion. They are giving away a lifetime supply of Drumstick cones! We love ice cream and I can only imagine how excited my girls would be if we won. I know I would be ecstatic! 

To enter to win a lifetime supply of drumsticks, Nestlé Drumstick want to see you raise a cone to summer- literally! Visit Nestlé Drumstick and submit a photo of yourself raising a Drumstick cone. If you have some already on hand in your freezer, feel free to use the real thing. If not, you can still participate and use one of the virtual cones instead.

Raise a Cone with Nestle Drumstick

You have until the start of summer (June 21) to get your entry in. Show your enthusiasm for summer and love of drumsticks, the original Sundae cone and raise those cones!  You never know you could be the lucky winner of a lifetime supply of drumsticks!

Stay connected with Nestlé Drumstick on Facebook and Twitter. Visit Drumstick to learn more about the flavors and products. 

Which Drumstick flavor is your favorite?


  1. Megan says

    Oh man! I loooooooved the ones with the fudge center as a kid. Now I have discovered the mint ones and I seem to rotate between the two.

  2. Erika B says

    I too grew up going to the store to buy drumsticks!!! I like the chocolate and caramel! I am definitely going to enter this. Good luck everyone !!!

  3. Sherry Compton says

    Awww drumsticks! The refreshing ice cream, the crunchy cone and gooey caramel. Yes, I love them. I have to admit I see a few in my future. Love it when companies celebrate and reward he consume. Good luck to us all for some deliciousness for life!

  4. md kennedy says

    When I was young we were given enough money when the “Hoodsie Man” ( how we called the ice cream truck) came around for Popsicle or Italian ices. But sometimes we’d get extra and go for the premium item: a Drumstick. Ah, those were the days when any summer day problem could be resolved with a Nestle treat…

  5. Sarah L says

    I remember the debates: Popsicle or Drumstick
    For me it depended on the temp: Popsicles for very hot days, Drumsticks the rest of the time.

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