10 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

St. Patrick's Day Desserts

Are you making any themed treats this year for St. Patrick’s Day? I normally don’t, but after seeing so many delicious looking recipes on blogs and Pinterest, I feel inspired this year! I’ve been actively pinning St. Patrick’s day meal ideas, desserts and crafts to my St. Patty’s Day Pinterest board. I need to go shopping now!

Here’s 10 of my favourite St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes that I’ve rounded up. Which one is your favourite?

1, Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies from Dear Crissy

Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

2. Rainbow Cupcakes from Simmworks Family Blog

Rainbow Cupcakes

3. Lucky Charms “Cake” from Just Married with Coupons

Lucky Charms Cake

4. Green Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Icing from The Kid’s Fun Review

Green Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Icing

5. Pot Of Gold Cupcake from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug

Pot Of Gold Cupcake

6. End of the Rainbow Crunch from This Mama Loves

End of the Rainbow Crunch

7. Beer Cupcakes from MN Girl Baking

Beer Cupcakes

8. The Maven’s Lucky Mint Brownies from The Maven of Social Media

The Maven’s Lucky Mint Brownies

9. Authentic Irish Shortbread from How Was Your Day?


10. Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mint Dessert from Life as Leels

Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mint Dessert



  1. Linda says

    I really want to do something special this St. Patrick’s Day, I think I will make the Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mint Dessert!

  2. says

    The The Maven’s Lucky Mint Brownies are my favorite…some of these look sort of complicated though…I am not a very good baker…
    One thing I know I can make: a Shamrock shake!!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    I would like to make the Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies! My favorite cookie is sugar cookies and these look so yummy. Thanks for an awesome recipe today!

  4. Erika Birrell says

    The Mavens Lucky Mint Brownies look amazing, I think I will definitely be making those! My mouth is watering, thanks so much for putting these together!

  5. says

    Thanks for featuring me Stacie! When i saw those Beer Toppers I couldn’t wait to come home to make those fun cupcakes.. they make me smile every time I see them =)

    I’m going to try to make the Rainbow cupcakes something this weekend!

  6. Anne says

    Nice selection of recipes–thanks for the round-up. A couple of those blogs were new to me, too, so I’ll have to go check them out.

  7. Ronda Patrick says

    Oh my gosh, these look incredible!!!!!! I am glad they are not sitting in front of me right now. 20 pounds down would come back quick!!! : )

  8. Michele P. says

    totally drooling looking at all these tasty treats, had to pin it as well…couldn’t keep it all to myself lol. Thanks for finding this great selection of recipes for St. Patty’s Day!

  9. Anya says

    ‘Lucky Charms Cake’ – how cute and clever (and appropriate! :P) These all look delicious… & like you put a lot of time & effort into them? Mind if I steal some of these recipes? 😛 Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Michelle Chow says

    Hello, SS. I like the rainbow cupcake idea the best. I love colourful items that I do not usually see such as a type of tie-died cupcake. Great idea and a nice St. Patrick’s symbol.

  11. Sydney D says

    Don’t really celebrate St.Patty’s day, as I’m not irish, nor do I drink really, lol. These looks good though.

  12. Kathy Lane says

    These looks so good the Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies will be good for the kids to take to school to share.

  13. Heidi A says

    I love these dessert ideas for St. Patricks Day. I especially think the cupcake with the rainbow on top is so cute. The kids would love that. (The big ones too)

  14. Leah Lucas says

    I never thought St. Patrick’s Day could be soooooo yummy! There are some pretty yummy desserts here!! I will certainly be trying some of these goodies!

  15. Amanda D says

    The Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mint dessert looks really good. Have you tried it? I made something similar years ago but lost the recipe. This looks pretty close.

  16. Tim Anderson says

    The Beer Cupcakes grabbed my attention, but the Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mint Dessert is calling to me

  17. Lorayne Gothard says

    wow these are great!! I was looking for some good desserts the kids would love to make and this is perfect.
    Thank you

  18. ANN*H says

    Thanks for all the St. Patricks Day goodies to make . My grandson will have a ball with me making some of these. He likes to help me bake.

  19. Sherry Compton says

    My daughter makes treats and wasn’t sure what she wanted this year. She has been looking at recipes and we are checking several of these out. She recently made rainbow bars and mint chocolate bark.

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